Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rolling Stone's 25 Underappreciated Music Artists

Another lame-ass list from the interns at RS.

1. Tom Waits
2. The Replacements
3. Cheap Trick - great band, but they've done fine
4. Sonic Youth - silence is underappreciated, too.
5. Warren Zevon - I don't think he really cares anymore
6. Big Star - don't know the band, but the grocery store was cool
7. The Pharcyde
8. Roxy Music - they got theirs
9. Talking Heads - so did they
10. Bob Seger - Chevrolet gave him all the appreciation he'll ever need, and I can't watch football anymore without hearing his crappy music
11. The Hold Steady
12. Fugazi - gesundheit!
13. The Cramps
14. The New York Dolls
15. The Band
16. The Cars - ? They sold a buttload of records
17. Pogues - maybe
18. Alice Cooper
19. Dinosaur Jr.
20. Sleater-Kinney - nope - overrated
21. Husker Du - maybe, but
Sugar was Bob Mould's best band
22. Devo
23. Wilco - lots of fans
24. Tom Petty - see The Cars
25. Ween

Maybe next time they'll put some truly underappreciated artists on the list, like Sugar, Randy Newman, John Hiatt, Kirsty MacColl, Kevin Gilbert, Lucinda Williams, The Church, Soul Coughing, Rhett Miller/Olds 57, Eels.

Who else are we missing?

Classic TV Show Open of The Day

Yes, that is Lee Majors singing. Now check your ears to make sure they aren't bleeding. This is LOTD reader Spinderfella's favorite TV theme song.


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