Tuesday, August 21, 2007

When Strippers Fight

... we all lose. Because that pole routine ain't gonna learn itself.

"Caption This" Of The Day

Whatcha got?

(click photo for larger view if needed)

What I Should Have Said / What I Said

1. What I Should Have Said
2. What I Said

A classic from New York magazine.

1. I loved last night, Jane.
2. I loved last night, Joan.

1. Look, there's a lot of traffic, and he's probably been stuck in a meeting all day and didn't get your message, or he would have called. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.
2. Maybe he's dead.

1. A baby? How wonderful! Congratulations!
2. Who's the father?

1. How can I ever thank you for pulling my grandson from that icy river?
2. Where are his mittens?

1. If you'll forgive me for not answering the question, I'll forgive you for asking it.
2. 46

1. Tolstoy, Proust and the Bible
2. I dunno, maybe some Grisham and a sudoku book.

1. Your mother is very attractive.
2. Who's that disgusting beast in the pants suit?

1. I'm an atheist.
2. The Unification Church? Why no, I haven't. What is it?

1. I'm single.
2. Well, uh, I was married, but he -- uh, I mean I -- didn't.. well.. I'm not really married now, you know... at the present time...

1. That's really none of your business.
2. Because no one ever asked me.

1. Beijing? What a cool place to grow up. Aren't there like 20 million people there?
2. Oh, I knew a guy from Beijing. Do you know Li Chang?

Movie Poster of The Day

I gotta rent this one. I'd thought I'd seen all of Chuck's movies, but no. And look, it co-stars my favorite actor and good friend, Ron Silver. Stephen Furst (Flounder in Animal House), too! Wow.

And as long as we're on the subject, Chuck sings, too. A triple threat: music, acting, and martial arts.


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