Thursday, September 6, 2007

News Story Of The Day

Mortgage Market Collapse Threatens Nations Banner Ad Industry

The Onion

Mortgage Market Collapse Threatens Nation's Banner Ad Industry

NEW YORK—With the mortgage market reeling from massive loan defaults, analysts are now predicting disaster for the banner ad industry ....


Webvids Of The Day

That poor girl ...
(he says, while posting videos that make fun of her)

Miss Teen South Carolina calls 911

The parents of Miss Teen South Carolina

Backstage Riders

You've heard about ridiculous requests that some performers make when they tour (no brown M&M's, etc.). Here are actual contract riders for backstage demands. Click names to see what they gotta have on tour. From The Smoking Gun.

Elton John - and the loo should be precisely 68.5 degrees

JLo - I think she likes white.

Janet Jackson - no fish ice!

Styx - two pizzas? Not a problem.

Busta Rhymes - Rough Riders and turkey burgers

Mandy Moore - doesn't need much, bless her heart

U2 - found what they're looking for: booze.

Diana Krall - hard to top JLo, but she did

Van Halen - everyone hates crappy tequila

Prince - expects gifts and flowers from fans. What a guy.

Sheryl Crow - at least she won't need much TP

Willie Nelson - smoke-free. Right.

"Lost" bloopers

Bloopers from my second favorite TV show, "Lost."


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