Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time's Top 100 TV Shows Of All Time

The 100 greatest TV shows of all time, selected by Time magazine. Each title links to Time's commentary on why it was chosen and a clip.

I'm glad to see: Beavis & Butthead, Lost, Freaks & Geeks, Larry Sanders, both versions of The Office, Alfred Hitchcock, Pee Wee's Playhouse, Leave It To Beaver.

Huh?: Sex & The City, Felicity, Wiseguy, Buffalo Bill, Six Feet Under (overrated), SpongeBob (it's a fine kids' show but not Top 100 material).

A very special LOTD shout-out to: M*A*S*H, which makes every "best TV show" list ever made. Can I share a little secret with you? Come a little closer so you can hear me. Ready?
M*A*S*H sucks. (audience gasps) Yes, that's right. Let me repeat. M*A*S*H S*U*C*K*S! I don't care how "classic" it is. I don't care how many "best of" lists it makes. I don't care how many Emmys it won. It sucks donkey balls. The show isn't funny. Alan Alda sucks. Jamie Farr sucks. Loretta Swit sucks. Gary Burghoff sucks. Don't believe me? What have they done since M*A*S*H? Nothing. Why? Because they suck. And M*A*S*H sucks. You heard it here. The two-hour series finale that everybody in America watched back in 1980 or whenever? It SUCKED. Hard. I read a statistic once that a kabillion toilets across America flushed simultaneously right after the M*A*S*H finale ended, and I wasn't at all surprised, because that finale -- like the entire series -- was a giant turd that needed to go. Sorry, kids. The truth hurts, but I owe it to you. Because I care about you.

Wasted picks: "MTV 1981-1992," The Day After, "The Super Bowl (And Its Ads)," and other events, movies, networks, decades, whatever that don't belong here.

Has Time never heard of: The Andy Griffith Show, The Rockford Files, The Brady Bunch, Laugh-In, E.R., Lonesome Dove (as long as we're including miniseries), The Waltons, Charlie's Angels (yeah, it sucked, but it was groundbreaking). All better than M*A*S*H*.


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