Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Guest List: Why 4th Graders Shouldn't Make Chili

Yuks from LOTD regular, Elizabeth.

As part of my job, I grade fourth grade writing and grammar homework. Their assignment this week was to give directions for making chili (note: they're working on the homophones "to," "too," and "two," hence all the uses of "two" in measurements). I thought I would share some of the more unusual recipes:

"Add two pieces of chocolate. Big ones. With nuts."

"Two pieces of fish and two teaspoons of tomato. Stir for two hours."

"Instead of two pounds of hamburger, use two pounds of cooked oatmeal instead. It will be too creamy!"

"After cooking for two hours, add two heads of cabbage, and then two gallons of milk. Cook until it is bright green."

"Chili is best when you add two teaspoons of Tabasco and two chickens." (Okay, are these LIVE chickens?)

"Add two gallons of pepper sauce. Do not make it too spicy."

November "Engrish" roundup


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