Wednesday, January 2, 2008

LOTD's Year in Videos

Some of the random vids posted here last year, for your re-viewing pleasure. Be warned: many of these are NSFW. And yes, some of them are old.

Genius Of The Day (at least he won't be procreating)


The Evil Eye


Sucker Punch (don't f*ck with Mawmaw!)

The Show Must Go On

First Dance

Brave Weatherman


Beauty Pageant "Talent" Performance

Talking Dogs
(And not one of them says, "Why'd you cut my nuts off"?)


Car commercial spoof


Riffs on The Dramatic Chipmunk

Celebs Behaving Badly: Andrew "Dice" Clay
(old.. CNNfn no longer exists.. but this still makes me laugh)

Celebs Behaving Badly: Robert DeNiro
(I thought he was fairly polite, all things considered)

Celebs Behaving Badly: Tyra Banks (muy loco)

Teacher/slam poet Taylor Mali

Have Some Chicken, F*cker!

Halle Berry 911


Miss Teen South Carolina calls 911

The parents of Miss Teen South Carolina

Bert & Ernie do DeNiro and Pesci from Casino

For "Lost" fans

Fly Oceanic Air


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