Monday, April 21, 2008

Worth 1000: Name The Song

Another cool Photoshop gallery from

Each picture represents a popular song. Some are easy, some aren't. Some are literal, some abstract. Some will win, some will lose. Some are born to sing the blues.

Answers tomorrow. Please don't send guesses in your comments; I don't want to spoil the game for anyone. Thanks.

Hint: Angelina Jolie is irrelevant to the answer.


QOTD: Your recurring nightmare

Is there a bad dream you have over and over again?

Nightmare might be too strong a word; in my case, it's a stress dream, and one that a lot of people have, I've discovered.

I'm back in college. It's late in the semester -- usually close to exam week -- and I suddenly remember that I've been enrolled all term in a class I forgot about (and it's always a social studies class of some kind). I haven't set foot in this class even once. Panicked, I find out where the class is, tear across campus (it's always 1. on the other side of campus and 2. in a building I've never been in), find the building, rush in (it's always dark and dank), but then I can't find the class. I look in every room on every floor - no class. I've never found the class. And that's when the dream usually ends.

How about you?

Classic TV Show Open Of The Day

Audra sent this. I have zero recollection of this show. Must've been after my time. But Audra's pretty fond of it.


Vid Of The Day: Celine Dion Is Amazing

But if you saw her sing AC/DC, you already knew that. A great find from Sarah.


Urban Myths of My Youth

After I posted the song "Seasons In The Sun" last year, a friend reminded me that singer Terry Jacks committed suicide right after the song was recorded. I mean, minutes after. Right there in the bathroom of the recording studio.

Reportedly distraught over his failing music career, Terry did not live to see his final song become a mega-hit. He even foretold his impending demise in song: "Goodbye, Papa, it's hard to die." But Papa didn't listen, and Terry ended it all. What a tragedy.

And malarkey, of course.. a silly urban myth I heard repeatedly as a kid in the 70s.

It's not the only one. How many of these did you grow up hearing?

Once, back in the 70's, Rod Stewart passed out on stage during a concert. He was rushed to the hospital and when they pumped out his stomach, they found like 12 quarts of semen in it, more than they'd ever seen before. That's what made Rod (no pun intended) pass out. I guess someone wanted his body and thought he was sexy. A lot of someones. A zip code.

Did you know that Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver was played by none other than... Alice Cooper?! (Later, in an apparent effort to keep up with times, this story morphed into a claim that the kid who played Paul on "The Wonder Years" grew up to become Marilyn Manson.)

Speaking of Alice Cooper, he used to pass around a cup during his concert, and everyone would hock into it, and then he'd take the cup and chug it on stage.

Kind of like how Ozzy Osbourne used to bite the heads off live bats in concert. He had to stop when the ASPCA got wind of it. (This one actually has a shred of truth to it. During a 1982 concert, according to, a fan threw a real bat on stage, and Ozzy bit its head off, thinking it was a rubber toy. As a result he had to go through a painful series of rabies shots.)

Remember Mikey from the Life cereal commercial? "Hey Mikey, he likes it!" I heard that Mikey died a few years after that commercial when he ate Pop Rocks candy and drank a Coke at the same time. No one had ever done that before, and the combination killed him instantly. Poor dumb bastard.

Or what about the strange case of the song "Love Rollercoaster" by the Ohio Players. Did you know that a woman was murdered in the studio while the song was being recorded? Listen to the song, and about halfway through it, you can hear her scream in the background as she was being killed. No one in the studio heard the scream until they played back the tape, then they found her dead in the next room.

Of course we all know about Richard Gere having to go to the ER to get a gerbil extracted from his ass. Such total crap. Everyone knows it was a guinea pig, not a gerbil.

Bet you didn't know -- or maybe you did -- that during the recording of "Love To Love You, Baby" by Donna Summer, Donna actually had an orgasm. No really. It happened near the end, where she keeps repeating the title over and over and over like she's in a trance. She was so caught up in the song and the emotion that she just had an orgasm right there on the spot. Like a trooper, though, Donna kept singing.

Oh, and don't forget that poor "Mama" Cass Elliot, 60s singer and member of The Mamas And The Papas, choked to death on a ham sandwich. She should have used more Hellmann's. That baby would've gone down with no problem. (Cass actually died from heart failure, although an uneaten ham sandwich was found by her bedside.)


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