Monday, June 30, 2008

Clip Of The Day: Patrick Stewart On HBO's "Extras"

Best show ever.

Then & Now: Grown-Up Child Stars Of The Day

Some should have stayed young.

Danica McKellar ("The Wonder Years") - WOW!

Justin Henry (Kramer vs. Kramer)

Erin Moran ("Happy Days")

Jeremy Miller ("Growing Pains")

Melissa Gilbert ("Little House On The Prairie")

Adam Rich ("Eight Is Enough")

Mayim Bialik ("Blossom")

Lisa & Louise Burns
(The Shining)

Peter Billingsley (A Christmas Story)

Mindy Cohn ("The Facts Of Life")

Robbie Rist ("The Brady Bunch")

Tina Yothers ("Family Ties")

Brandon Cruz ("The Courtship Of Eddie's Father")

Lisa Whelchel ("The Facts Of Life")

Brian Forster ("The Patridge Family")

Kim Fields ("The Facts Of Life")

Danny Lloyd (The Shining)

Melissa Sue Anderson ("Little House On The Prairie")

Brian Bonsall ("Family Ties")

Danielle Brisebois ("All In The Family")

Jonathan Taylor Thomas ("Home Improvement")

Elizabeth McGovern (Ordinary People)

Classic SNL Clip Of The Day

A forgotten (at least by me) classic from Nikki.


Helpful Article Of The Day: Build A Relationship With Your Hamster

It's an age old question we've all been asked by a friend, family member, co-worker or stranger on the street: How can I build a relationship with my hamster?

Well, Big Lew has found the answer for us in this thoughtful and exhaustive article from the minds at Wikihow. Thanks, dude!

Hamsters and their owners should have a well-founded relationship with each other. You need to build a relationship with your new pet, or it won't be very happy.


1. Pick your hamster very carefully. Find one that bonds and connects with you. You'll probably connect with all of the ones in the store, but try and find one that seems extra happy to be with you.

2. Make sure your hamster has a neat and clean home that they cannot escape from. If it escapes, you have no hamster.

3. Let it get used to its surroundings. When you bring your hamster home leave it in its new cage for a little bit and watch it to see how it reacts to its surface and living space.

4. Spend time with your hamster. Once it's settled into its home, make sure to have time alone with it and take it out of its cage. It is recommended that you walk with your hamster between your feet down the hallway or in the house; but take care to give it room to walk -- don't have your feet too close together.

5. Clean its cage every week. Give it fresh straw, water and toys regularly.

6. Give your hamster treats to show it how much you love it. Hand feed them to it as well, so it remembers that you gave them to it.


* Love your hamster and it will love you back.

* Treat your hamster if its your own child; care for it.

* Make sure your hamster is safe and loved and you'll have the best relationship you can possibly have with it.


* Do not let your hamster out of sight.

* Don't feed your hamster too many treats, they are not always good for it.

* Do not stuff the hamster up your ass. They don’t like this. (Wikihow left this one off, so I added it.)

Happy hamstering!

Vid Of The Day: Feedbag


New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

15 Celebrity Mullets Of The Day

From Tracey and my pals over at

15. Richard Dean Anderson

You can request a "MacGyver-style" cut just about anywhere in the world, and the barber will know what to do.

13. Florence Henderson

Despite Florence Henderson's Brady-est effort, the mullet never caught on with the gals like it did with the fellas.

10. David Faustino

Legend has it that "Married With Children" producers encouraged Faustino to grow out his mullet to distract the audience from noticing he was a good foot shorter than even the female members of his television family

8. Hulk Hogan

Remove the bandanna, and it is revealed to be a skullet, but the skullet is an important member of the mullet family.

6. Kiefer Sutherland

If Jack Bauer had a mullet, he would use it to torture confessions out of terror suspects.

5. Michael Bolton

"How are we supposed to live without Michael Bolton's mullet?" We ask ourselves that question every time we see the crooner's sleek new coif.

4. Chuck Norris

It gets somewhat obscured by all of his other great powers, but Chuck Norris has been rocking a first-class mullet for decades now

2. Patrick Swayze

The years 1984-1991 can be defined by three words: Patrick Swayze's mullet. Anyone who disagrees obviously wasn't there.

For the rest, see the full list at


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