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Porn On The Fourth Of July (NSFW)

10 Worst #1 Hits Of The Last 10 Years

Crazy Fat Kid Sings Crazy Catchy Song

Where The Hell Is Matt's Girlfriend?

9 Things Bloggers Care About That The Rest Of The World Doesn't

Vid Of The Day: The Price Is Wrong

Kim's a sharp one, eh? A funny from my homeboy Willie and The Soup.


Shortest Celebrity Marriages Of The Day (Literally, in some cases)

And people said they'd never last...


Mike Tyson & Robin Givens - 1 year (1988-89)

Alyssa Milano & Cinjun Tate - 10 months (1999)

Shannen Doherty & Rick Salomon - 9 months (2002)

Travis Barker & Melissa Kennedy - 9 months (2001-02)

Jim Carrey & Lauren Holly - 9 months (1996-97)

Jennifer Lopez & Cris Judd - 8 months (2001-02)

Axl Rose & Erin Everly - 7 months (1990-91)


Drew Barrymore & Tom Green - 5 months (2001)

Shannen Doherty
& Ashley Hamilton - 5 months (1993-94)

Dennis Rodman & Carmen Electra - 5 months (1998-99)

Charlie Sheen
& Donna Peele - 5 months (1995-96)

Pam Anderson & Rick Salomon - less than 5 months (2007-8)

Janet Jackson & James DeBarge - 4 months (1984-85)

Renee Zellweger & Kenny Chesney - 4 months (2005)

Nicholas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley - 4 months (2002; separated after four months but took two years to finalize their divorce)

Pam Anderson & Kid Rock - 4 months (2006)

R. Kelly
& Aaliyah - under 3 months (1994; marriage was annulled when a court found out she lied about her age to get married. She was only 15)


Ethel Merman & Ernest Borgnine (!) - 1 month (1964)

Drew Barrymore
& Jeremy Thomas - 1 month (1994)
. Maybe marriage just isn't your thing, Drew.

Darva Conger & Rick Rockwell - 3 weeks (2000; met and married on FOX's TV show, "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?")

Robert Evans
& Catherine Oxenberg - 12 days (1998)

Dennis Hopper
& Michelle Phillips - 8 days (1971)

Britney Spears & Jason Allen Alexander - 55 hours (2004)


Robin Givens & Syetozar Marinkovic - August 22, 1997

Zsa Zsa Gabor
& Felipe De Alba - April 13, 1983

Vid Of The Day: Buttle Rocket

A classic that I was saving for the 4th, but dammit, I can't wait.


12 Chicks I Would Totally Bone

These gals might not turn up on anybody's top five list, but I'd get jiggy wid em.

Robin Meade (CNN)
I love her headlines.

Ashley Jensen ("Extras," "Ugly Betty")
I got something extra ugly for her

Jean Smart ("Designing Women," "24")
My favorite MILF

Kristen Wiig ("Saturday Night Live," Knocked Up)
She's funny, and funny is sexy

Megyn Price ("Grounded For Life")
Ground me. Spank me.

Wendie Malick ("Just Shoot Me")
If you say so, baby. A little skinny for my taste, but what the hell.

Martie McBride (The Dixie Chicks)
I'm ready to make nice

Paula Zahn
"This just in ..."

Unknown mugshot girl
You've been a very bad girl. I might have to use my nightstick.

Chelsea Handler
Oh, I'll handle her, all right.

Gabrielle Union
I got your union, baby.

Bea Arthur
You heard me. It wouldn't be easy, but if the subject of Bea Arthur ever comes up, how many people on this earth can say, "Bea Arthur? Yeah, I nailed her."


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