Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vids Of The Day: New York Pizza

Ironically, New York Pizza is a Dutch company, and I assume that's where these ads ran. They certainly would not have aired in the U.S. From Tom Kane. (NSFW - language)



June Mugshot Roundup

Another month, another collection of miscreants, hooligans and ne'er-do-wells


Out with it!

This is how Grandma rolls

Skeletor finally nabbed

I can smell him through the photo

God? Get me out of this and I'll never drink again, I swear.

It's not funny, dammit

Yarniqua from Afghan-istan

Florida Evans from "Good Times"

That anal cavity search is a bitch, ain't it, Fester?

I wonder if that's what got him arrested


Do we get a vote?

Coldplay's Chris Martin busted for impersonating a chef

Mais oui, Pierre! Tu es dans le slammer.

Cops love it when you do stuff like that

She keeps mosquitoes off her face just by blinking

The Bitter Beerface Bandit

Ooh, look.. donuts!

Wait, wait, can I get a hairbr-- (click)

Now I'm a virgin in an old t-shirt


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