Monday, October 27, 2008

Onion News Story Of The Day: Microsoft Ads Crashing TV Sets

From The Onion. Duh.

Microsoft Ad Campaign Crashing Nation's Televisions

OCTOBER 27, 2008 | ISSUE 44•44

WASHINGTON—According to an FCC report released Monday, a new $300 million Microsoft ad campaign is responsible for causing televisions all across the country to unexpectedly crash.

The Microsoft ads, which began airing earlier this week, are being blamed for generating critical system errors in more than 70 million televisions.

In addition, thousands of frustrated Americans said that the ads have caused their TVs to become unresponsive, their screens to turn blue, and a small box with the message "terminal application error" to suddenly appear.

"I was in the middle of watching Monday Night Football when, all of a sudden, that stupid ad comes on and my TV freezes up," said Scottsdale, AZ resident Michael Chaplin, adding that he never wanted to see the commercial in the first place.

(Article continues HERE)

Classic SNL Clip Of The Day: Stevie Nicks' Fajitas

Ha, I'd never seen this. Funny. Two caveats, though:

1) The vid quality sucks.
2) There's a pop-up ad for Adult Friend Finder, which your ad blocker might not catch (mine didn't).

Thanks, Dorf, for the link. Check out her new blog, DVR Roffles, for some laughs.

My Yahoo Answer Of The Day: Spiderman

So mean...

Rejected Kids' Books Of The Day, Vol. 2

If only...

Thanks for these, Susan and Justwinginit.


Classic TV Show Open Of The Day

We watched this crap back in the 70s. I love the classic "running through a dark alley from an unknown pursuer" motif. I also like how the two guys run just fine but poor Peggy Lipton is about to faint, because in the 70s, women couldn't run very far without passing out, you know.

And then a door flies open and we see who's after them: Tige Andrews. Nooooooooo! Not TIGE ANDREWS!!! Kids who watched this had nightmares about Tige Andrews. "Dad, is Tige Andrews gonna get me?" "Only if you don't clean your plate."

Hell, I'd run from him, too... but only because the name Tige frightens me. WTF is a Tige?

Believe it or not, this wasn't a Quinn Martin Production.

Peggy Lipton married Quincy Jones around this time, which was a bit scandalous for the early 70s, especially in the South. Their daughter is Rashida Jones ("The Office").


Housekeeper Of The Day

No, this isn't Amy Winehouse's flat, but pics from an apartment belonging to a customer of Houston Imports. They write, "This has nothing to do with the hurricane. We had a resident who had an outstanding balance for over a month and no one could get a hold of her. The bookkeeper went inside after so many tries to leave a note and this is what we found."

How do they know the customer wasn't there? She could've been underneath all that trash, searching for a can of Endust.

My thanks to
Pete, Heidi Renée and Mike S. for making me feel better about my housekeeping.

Where's Waldo?

If I'm the cat, I'm thinking, "No fair - I have to use a litter box and my owner shits on the floor."

I love this one. She irons?

Now where'd I leave my retainer?



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