Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Yahoo Answer Of The Day: Free Bird

This one was easy.

Halloween Pics Of The Day

From Emmi

From Cleve, an HTML pumpkin done by his 14yo daughter.

From Berit, who calls this headless prom queen "the best costume ever." I agree.

From Emmi, some cool Halloween headstones made by her hubby. See them all here.

Hey look, Kim Kardashian is all set for Halloween. (Pic from Laura.)

My Morning With VH-1 Classic, Part 3

VH-1 Classic finally interrupted their flow of crap video with some better material, like a live version of The Clash's "I Fought The Law," which I won't run here, because it's one of my favorite songs and the live version was underwhelming. Then this next one came on, another song I like in any of its various incarnations.

When my daughter was 2 and used to slink off the corner to befoul her diaper, I'd sing this song.


Why Pets Hate Halloween

It wouldn't be Halloweek without this post. Some are reruns from last year, some are new. The sailor dog (pic #2) and the ghosts are my favorites.

Many thanks to Spinderfella, Willie, Heder and Bubbasmom for the pics.

And for Star Wars fans...

Just don't be surprised when they kill you in your sleep.


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