Friday, November 14, 2008

Vid Of The Day: Pissed-Off Kid On Today Show

I'd be pissed, too.

A great vid from Julie M.

FOLOTD Birthday Of The Day

Please join me in wishing happy birthday to one of the grande dames of LOTD, Reenie.

Our Reen has led a colorful life. Most of you don't know this, but Reenie actually went to her senior prom with someone famous. That's right: Miles Standish. And if he were here, he'd surely say that she looks just as great today as she did then. The old saying goes, "You're not getting older, you're getting better," and to that I say, hey, one out of two isn't bad!

Ok, that was my poor attempt at a mini-roast of Reen, who I hope won't mind a little ribbing.
Happy birthday, Reenie!

You can also stop by Reen's blog to wish her a happy b'day if you like.

Vid Of The Day: Jim Breuer on AC/DC

Oh man, I love AC/DC. Back In Black was one of the first LPs I ever bought with my own money. Wore that sumbitch OUT.

Here's a great clip sent in by my homey, Willie The Ragin' Cajun.


6 Rejected Versions of Guitar Hero

(From They're wrong about The Who -- that would make a totally illin' (as the kids like to say) Guitar Hero. I'd also love to see a Jethro Tull Flute Hero.)

Explosive growth in plastic jamming means that, soon, every band will have its own game. Here's hoping the economy craps out first.


"Play as Britain´s 202nd or 203rd Most Popular Band as Guitar Hero rocks out with a whopping 84 versions of Chumbawamba´s hit song ´Tubthumping´! But that´s not all—Guitar Hero: Chumbawamba also features the innovative new ´Pub´ level and the ´Pint-O-Meter´ which actually makes the song sound better the drunker you get!"


"Frustrated that Rock Band only allows you and three measly friends to rock out? Guitar Hero: Polyphonic Spree allows 15…or 23…or…who the fuck knows how many choral rockers to blur the line between band and commune. Muumuus and patchouli sold separately."


"Heads up, Juggalos: We´ve heard your mewling demands to rock out to mad, dumpy, Midwestern clowns. Now, strap on this exclusive ICP squirting guitar, comically oversized shoes, squeaky nose, and spinning bowtie! Don´t worry: we won´t laugh. Because unlike everyone else in your life, we understand that you´re actually being serious."


"You´ve rocked out to Guitar Hero: Aerosmith—why not take a stage dive further back in time? Each instrument controller is designed to break apart after every song, perfectly simulating the angry, adolescent angst to which Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey continue to cling well into their 60s."


"You, too, can experience what was like to be a part of the Original Boy Band Sensation with Guitar Hero: Menudo! NOTE: This game is for players ages 7 to 11. Puberty will result in the game´s complete and total lockdown on all consoles, activated by the game´s innovative ´Creepy Svengali´ system administrator."


"Finally, a music game for people who hate music! Prance around as a gay stereotype courtesy of the handy enclosed costumes, and earn bonus points each time you convince heterosexual men that songs like ´Y-M-C-A,´ ´Macho Man,´ and ´In the Navy´ are to be taken at face value and played at frat parties, sports events, and Naval functions."


Science News Of The Day: Chimp Asses

I can always tell who has farted in my house by the smell. Is that the same?


Could you identify your friends just by looking at photos of their behinds? Researchers put the same question before chimps at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, in Atlanta — and the answers were surprising.

The scientists wanted to know how chimps — which are especially social primates — recognize one another. Do they rely on facial features alone? Or do they use “whole body representations,” which include the ass?

And so, a simple anatomical match game was devised: The scientists asked chimps to pair photographs of various chimp behinds (the chimps used in the experiment were all acquaintances) with photographs of chimp faces. The animals matched butts to faces immediately, suggesting that ass shapes were just as memorable to them as facial features. (Chimps do have memorable behinds — each animal inherits a unique pattern of pink and swollen skin.)

While the researchers didn’t comment specifically on the implications for human ass perception, it’s impossible not to speculate; after all, chimps share 98 percent of their genome with humans.

Vid Of The Day: Aunt Janice

An LOTD classic that I like to rerun every few months.

Baby Care Tips Of The Day

I think Reenie used all of these on her kids at one time or another.

All of these (and more) are from the book, Safe Baby Handling Tips.


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