Friday, December 5, 2008

Cheesy 70s Music Video Of The Day

I want some... ac-SHONE!


Is that Billy Idol's sister?

Comedy Clip Of The Day: Bring The Pain (NSFW)

Chris Rock's "Bring The Pain" is my all-time favorite comedy concert, brilliant from start to finish, and absolutely hilarious. Here's a segment about women, men and relationships. It's a bit long, but worth the time if you want to laugh. (NSFW for bad language - LOTS of it.)


How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

Cats make me laugh. I don't have any, but they make me laugh.

Good stuff here from this site by artist Matthew Inman.

November Engrish Roundup

More fun with ranguage!

Hey! I'm rocked out!

Kinda like the short bus

Greed is good. But so is the Caesar. It's a tough choice.

Add nits for just 50 cents

"Ja-ja-ja-jive coffee, you're tellin' me lies...."

Hi, what the F is deviled ham?

All your state are belong to us

Why, yes. So kind of you to notice.

That first step is a doozy.

So what's your point?

Be sure to order a soda to wash them down.

A.k.a. brown sauce

Not if you eat at McDonald's

The Mets just unveiled next season's team cap

Where Hall & Oates shop

"What kind of crap is this?!"
"Steamed red crap with ginger, sir."
"Oh. Ok."

I'm almost certain that this is what they served in my old office.

The bastards burned it to a crisp

Barfout, adicts! Then eat some more.

Then wipe from front to back until done, and flush

Commercial Of The Day (video): KY His & Hers

My wife and I saw this on TV last night and laughed because it's so true.



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