Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weekend Links Of The Day

More great time-wasters from your fellow LOTD readers.

Top 10 Movie Bouncers Of All Time - from Chris L. and The Shark Guys.

Amusing corrections to Penthouse letters - from James S.

The world's 10 most bizarre game shows - from Spinderfella

I guess you don't want to talk to me anymore - a clever idea photo essay blog from Kelly Shimoda, sent in by Cranky Pants Betsy.

Warning signs interpreted - this one's been around since the early days of the Internet, but it's still funny. From Mooseroast.

12 photos that shouldn't have been posted online - from Jessica in Canada.

Die with a smile on your face at the Heart Attack Grill - from Willie

5 historical reasons to cross-dress... like Steve Hatchett needs an excuse! - from Cheryl M.

Here's a cool blog called Best Ad that traces the evolution of well-known brand logos. Sounds boring but it's not; check it out. From me.

Make-Up Classic Music Video Of The Day

For those of you who have yesterday's "I Love The Night Life" stuck in your head, this should help.



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