Monday, January 12, 2009

Dog Who Will Never Be Adopted Of The Day

From Confusia, who received this appeal via e-mail from a friend. "If they are trying to find a home for this dog," asks Confusia, "don't you think they should have lied the tiniest little bit???" Uhh.. YEAH.

Hey all, please forward this to the people in your address book who you know are dog lovers - Roscoe desperately needs a new home!!!!

Roscoe is about 6 years old, a full blooded Maltese, unfixed (he really needs to be fixed) and is very loving. He loves to curl up in your lap and be loved.

He MUST wear a diaper (which comes with him) when in the house - he's not fixed and he unfortunately is a marker so whoever takes him must know that the diaper must go on as soon as he comes in the house. Roscoe is completely used to this and actually stops at the door and 'takes the stance' for the diaper to be put on.

He's VERY smart, and he will also go hide and make poo, but he only did this a few times when he was living with us, once I discovered it and scolded him for it he stopped doing it.

He comes with a small crate and he is comfortable sleeping in the crate -- when he goes into the crate the diaper MUST come off or it will discolor his fur. I always bought maxi pads for the diaper and you do need to change them 3-5 times a day or that will also discolor his fur.

He needs to find a home that will completely commit to giving him a loving home for the rest of his life...if you know of someone who has a history of responsible pet ownership please forward his picture...this poor guy can't be shuffled around anymore - he truly is the sweetest little thing in the world and is so loving! He deserves a home where that love is returned, ASAP!!!!!

Gee, is there anything else? Does Roscoe need his ass wiped when he poops? His balls shaved? Can I make him a latte while he's sniffing around my house looking for a covert place to pinch a fetid loaf? Little fucker. "Take the stance" so I can drop-kick your ass over my back fence.

The 100 Best Singles of 2008

From Rolling Stone magazine. Since I'm too tragically unhip to have even heard of 90% of these, I'll leave the snarky comments to you, except to say I think #1 is a terrible pick. I like Beyoncé, but not that song.

Click any title to read why it was chosen (and to hear a snippet if you're willing to download free Rhapsody software.)

1 | Beyoncé — "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"

2 | Santogold — "LES Artistes"

3 | MGMT — "Time to Pretend"

4 | Blitzen Trapper — "Furr"

5 | Lil Wayne — "Lollipop"

6 | Beck — "Gamma Ray"

7 | Estelle feat. Kanye West — "American Boy"

8 | My Morning Jacket — "I'm Amazed"

9 | Coldplay — "Viva la Vida"

10 | T.I. — "No Matter What"

11 | Rihanna — "Disturbia"

12 | TV on the Radio — "Golden Age"

13 | Ryan Adams and the Cardinals — "Magick"

14 | The BPA feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal — "Toe Jam"

15 | Al Green — "Lay It Down"

16 | Young Jeezy — "My President"

17 | The Killers — "Spaceman"

18 | Kid Rock — "All Summer Long"

19 | Guns n' Roses — "Better"

20 | Katy Perry — "I Kissed a Girl"

21 | Vampire Weekend — "One (Blake's Got a New Face)"

22 | Jay-Z and T.I. — "Swagga Like Us"

23 | The Black Keys — "I Got Mine"

24 | Lykke Li — "I'm Good, I"m Gone"

25 | Leona Lewis — "Bleeding Love"

26 | The Rapture — "No Sex for Ben"

27 | The Ting Tings — "Shut Up and Let Me Go"

28 | Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne — "Let It Rock"

29 | Pink — "So What"

30 | Weezer — "Pork and Beans"

31 | Conor Oberst — "Moab"

32 | N.E.R.D. — "Everyone Nose"

33 | The Raveonettes — "Aly, Walk With Me"

34 | Gnarls Barkley — "Run"

35 | Kaiser Chiefs — "Addicted to Drugs"

36 | Usher feat. Beyoncé and Lil Wayne — "Love in this Club, Pt. 2"

37 | Bob Dylan — "Someday Baby"

38 | Jamey Johnson — "High Cost of Living"

39 | The Academy Is... — "About a Girl"

40 | Kings of Leon — "Sex on Fire"

41 | Duffy — "Warwick Avenue"

42 | The Raconteurs — "Salute Your Solution"

43 | Erykah Badu — "The Healer"

44 | Panic at the Disco — "Nine in the Afternoon"

45 | Foals — "Cassius"

46 | Taylor Swift — "Fifteen"

47 | Janelle Monáe — "Many Moons"

48 | John Mellencamp — "Troubled Land"

49 | Jonas Brothers — "Video Girl"

50 | Jackson Browne — "Time the Conqueror"

51 | Ashlee Simpson — "Rule Breaker"

52 | Lee Ann Womack — "Last Call"

53 | AC/DC — "Big Boi"

54 | Cat Power — "I Believe In You"

55 | Sigur Rós — "Gobbledigook"

56 | The Hold Steady — "Constructive Summer"

57 | Charles Hamilton — "Brooklyn Girls"

58 | Jazmine Sullivan — "Bust Your Windows"

59 | Low vs Diamond — "Don't Forget Sister"

60 | Ne-Yo — "Closer"

61 | Robyn — "Cobrastyle"

62 | The Gaslight Anthem — "The '59 Sound"

63 | LCD Soundsystem — "Big Ideas"

64 | She and Him — "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here"

65 | The Virgins — "Rich Girls"

66 | Jenny Lewis — "Acid Tongue"

67 | M.I.A. — "Shells"

68 | Fall Out Boy — "I Don't Care

69 | Missy Elliott — "Ching-A-Ling"

70 | Busy Signal — "Tic Toc"

71 | Phantom Planet — "Do the Panic"

72 | Sam Sparro — "Black and Gold"

73 | Ciara feat. Ludacris — "High Price"

74 | Ra Ra Riot — "Dying is Fine"

75 | Flo Rida feat. T-Pain — "Low"

76 | The Roots — "Rising Down"

77 | Hercules and Love Affair — "Blind"

78 | Love as Laughter — "Holy"

79 | Kid Cudi — "Day 'N' Nite"

80 | Mudcrutch — "Crystal River"

81 | The Knux — "Cappuccino"

82 | Santogold and Diplo — "Icarus"

83 | Get 'Em Mamis — "Cold Summer"

84 | Lil Wayne — "A Milli"

85 | M83 — "Kim & Jessie"

86 | The Rumble Strips — "Cowboy"

87 | Friendly Fires — "Jump in the Pool"

88 | Bon Iver — "Skinny Love"

89 | Old Crow Medicine Show — "Alabama High-Test"

90 | Busta Rhymes — "Don't Touch Me (Throw da Water on 'Em)"

91 | O'Neal McKnight — "Check Your Coat"

92 | White Denim — "Shake Shake Shake"

93 | Madonna — "Candy Shop"

94 | Los Campesinos — "Miserabilia"

95 | Lucinda Williams — "Real Love"

96 | Little Joy — "Brand New Start"

97 | Sheryl Crow — "Now That You're Gone"

98 | Teyana Taylor — "Google Me"

99 | The Enemy — "You're Not Alone"

100 | — "Yes We Can"

Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day: Let Me Go

I don't remember this song at all, but after hearing it, I'm not surprised. Heaven 17 sounds like a poor man's OMD, and OMD was already a poor man's Depeche Mode with a little Ultravox thrown in.

From dirty Dianna.


Vid Of The Day: Polar Bear Club FAIL!

Polar bear club = fools who dive into bodies of frigid water for amusement.

From Frank, who says he wasn't hurt in the jump, just a little scratched up.


Sound Board Of The Day: DLR

Selects from Diamond Dave's isolated vocal track on "Runnin' With The Devil." Hiiiiiiiyiiiiiiiaaaaahhh!

Click pic to link.

Where Are They Now? Lost 80s Movie Actresses Of The Day

It's not too hard to keep up with the big stars of 80s movies. We get regular updates on Molly Ringwald, Phoebe Cates, Elisabeth Shue, etc. But I was watching Better Off Dead not long ago and thought, I wonder whatever happened to Diane Franklin? And then I started thinking about some of the other supporting actresses of 80s movies that I liked, and wondered what happened to them, too. And then I started working on this post. And then it took forever to finish. And now here it is. I hope you like it. If not, I quit.


80s breakthrough
A former Maybelline model, Foreman is best remembered as the title character and object of Nic Cage's affection in Valley Girl (1983).

After That
Played weekend party host (and killer?) Muffy St. John in April Fool's Day and had small parts in Real Genius and My Chauffeur. Foreman continued to work sporadically through the late 80s and early 90s, but never had another hit.

Foreman is a yoga and pilates instructor in L.A., and returned to the screen after 13 years to appear in 2008's Beautiful Loser.



80s breakthrough
Made her 1982 film debut in The Last American Virgin (though not as the titular virgin), followed by a role in Amityville II: The Possession.

After That
Played exchange student Monique in Better Off Dead (1985), and has continued to work in film and television off and on since the 80s, including parts in "Matlock," "Charles In Charge" and "Murder, She Wrote." She also played Princess Joanna in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989).

Franklin is married with two kids and does occasional acting gigs. In a nod to her Better Off Dead character, the L.A. Dodgers-loving Monique, Franklin sang the National Anthem at a Dodgers game in 2004.


80s breakthrough
As high-school hottie Caroline Mulford in Sixteen Candles (1984), the obstacle between Sam (Molly Ringwald) and her crush, Jake (Michael Schoeffling).

After That
Morris has worked consistently in movies (Who's That Girl, Gremlins 2, Home Alone 3) and TV series ("Family Ties," "Cosby," "Sex And The City").

Married with a daughter, Morris recently appeared in "One Tree Hill" and "Canterbury's Law," and has parts in the upcoming films, Fighting Fish and Adam. She also sells real estate in New York City.


80s breakthrough
A cum laude graduate of Vassar College, Green was discovered by Steven Spielberg and cast as Andy Carmichael in The Goonies (1985).

After That
Another 1985 hit, Summer Rental, and a memorable performance in David Seltzer's Lucas (1986). Since then Green has appeared in Three For The Road (1987), and episodes of "ER," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Mad About You." She also wrote and directed Bellyfruit in 1999.

Producer, screenwriter and mother of three, Green lives in L.A.


80s breakthrough
As Judge Reinhold's girlfriend Lisa in Fast Times At Ridgemont High, although she'd already been in several TV shows and movies before that.

After That
Became Freddie Kreuger's first-ever victim in 1984's A Nightmare On Elm Street. Also appeared in Better Off Dead and Silverado in 1985 before dropping off the radar and appearing mostly in low-budget films and guest roles on TV series ("ER," "The Division," "Cold Case," "CSI").

Wyss will appear later this year with Joe Pantoliano in To Live And Die, and recently did an episode of Showtime's "Dexter."

An interview with Amanda from last year's Comic Con.


80s breakthrough
As Maggie Gordon, girlfriend of Alex Rogan (Lance Guest) in 1984's The Last Starfighter, although she had appeared in several TV series and movies prior to that, including a bit part in Sylvester Stallone's Nighthawks.

After That
Catherine continued to work after Starfighter, with parts in Mischief, Weekend At Bernie's, "The Outer Limits" (TV), "The Guiding Light" and more. She also married and became a mother to two children, a boy and a girl.

On her blog, Catherine says that after taking time off to raise her kids, she is now focusing on work again. She appeared in 2008's Generation Gap, a made-for-cable movie starring Ed Asner, John Heard and Rue McClanahan.


80s breakthrough
As Marty McFly's girlfriend, Jennifer, in Back To The Future. Wells did not appear in the sequels, choosing instead to take care of her cancer-stricken mother. (Elisabeth Shue took over the role for Back To The Future II and III.)

After That
Wells appeared in only a handful of projects, including the short-lived TV series, "Fast Times," based on the movie, Fast Times At Ridgemont High. She left show business in 1986, but recently appeared in Still Waters Burn, a low-budget indy film.

Owns Armani Wells, a men's clothing store in L.A.



80s breakthrough
Her first movie was Legend (1985) with Tom Cruise, but her breakthrough was Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) as Ferris' girlfriend, Sloane.

After That
Sara has enjoyed steady work since the 80s: A Stranger Among Us, Timecop, "Time Trax," The Pompatus Of Love, "Chicago Hope," "CSI: NY," a recurring role on the WB series, "Birds Of Prey," and more.

Still working; recently appeared in "Tinseltown" (2007) and "Nightmares & Dreamscapes" (2006). Has one daughter, 11, with ex-husband Jason Connery.


80s breakthrough
1984's Supergirl, followed by The Legend Of Billie Jean (1985)

After That
Scored two more hits with Ruthless People (1986) and The Secret Of My Success (1987), and has continued to work steadily in movies (City Slickers, Happy Together, Betrayal Of The Dove), TV ("Seinfeld," "Will & Grace," "Grey's Anatomy") and Broadway.

Slater is married with a daughter and still acts; she appeared last year in episodes of "Crossing Jordan" and "Smallville." An accomplished pianist, singer and songwriter, she has two CDs out, "One Of These Days" and "Crossword."


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