Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Links Of The Day

Happy weekend. I am drowning in great submissions, so here's a bunch o' links. Thanks for keeping the good stuff coming.

The Great Philips Review from Scott Santoro

Nerd crafts from Willie

Got gift cards you can't use? Trade 'em in at Gift Card Rescue.

Babies for dinner? WTF, Martha?! - From David J.

The top 10 names in the NBA - from Chris L.

"Urine" for a treat when you check out this art gallery from Sheila W.

Wrestling moves that sound like sex acts - from Willie

Very cool. LIFE magazine photo archives on Google.

Blondes can type? From Sharon C. and Berit, both probably brunettes.

"Make me babies!" says Wendy in RI. But it was a link, not a request.

Pop Culture Translator from Sheila W.


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