Friday, January 23, 2009

Craiglist Ad Of The Day: Contest

From Sharon.

tri-cities, WA craigslist > casual encounters

Fat chicks only. - m4w - 30 (Richland)

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Date: 2009-01-16, 7:41PM PST

Half Asian half white man looking for fat chick to win a fat girlfriend competition at work. Must be fat. No World of Warcraft.

  • Location: Richland
PostingID: 996039238

And then she can enter him in the Half Asian/Half White Asshole Boyfriend contest at her work.

Vid Of The Day: The Dark Knight - NES Version

Here's eight bits of fun: a vid of what The Dark Knight would look like as an NES game.


Vid Of The Day: Star Wars As Silent Movie

It actually works.

From Frank.


Hoax Of The Day: The Tourist Of Death

Yes, I realize The Tourist of Death isn't exactly new to the web. And I realize I've already run it here a couple of times; my apologies to my long-time readers. But on the off chance some of you have not seen it, here 'tis again. Because I love it and it still makes me laugh. I added a few new ones this time around. All pics from


It all started with a photo.

This chilling picture turned up in the days following 9/11, and reportedly came from a camera found in the rubble of the World Trade Center. Was it really possible that someone managed to photograph one of the hijacked planes mere milliseconds before impact? And if so, what became of the unknown man in the photo, and the person(s) who took it?

The photo turned out to be a hoax, of course, and most people dismissed it as such. But, a few believers remained, and their numbers grew as more photos of the same mysterious man at other disasters began to surface. More and more people became convinced that this man was not some innocent sightseer in the wrong place at the wrong time, but something much more nefarious: a time-traveling harbinger of doom -- a Tourist of Death, if you will -- inexplicably present at every great disaster of the millennium, a witness to our suffering and mocker of our powerlessness to stop it.

The pictures you are about to see seem to support this theory. Are they real, or are they hooey? Decide for yourself.

Pearl Harbor (1941)

JFK assassination (1963)

LBJ sworn in after JFK assassination (1963)

Lee Harvey Oswald shot by Jack Ruby (1963)

Sinking of the Titanic (1912)

Mt. St. Helens eruption (1980)

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, cause of World War I (1914)

Atomic bombing of Hiroshima (1945)

Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan (1981)

Munich Olympics (1972)

Hindenburg disaster(1937)

Lincoln assassination (1865)

Watergate scandal/Nixon resignation (1974)

Oklahoma City bombing (1995)

Julius Caesar assassination (44 BC)

Orleans "Waking & Dreaming" LP (1976)

Columbine High School massacre (1999)

Loch Ness Monster appearance (1955)

Challenger disaster (1986)

Custer's Last Stand (1876)

Kent State shootings (1970)

Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" (2004)

Godzilla attacks Tokyo (1965)

Battle of Gettysburg (1863)

Shark attack (year unknown)

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)

Tianenman Square protests (1989)

Alien autopsy (year unknown)

The Matrix (1999)

Ghost on set of Three Men & A Baby (1987)

Classic Music Video Of The Day

Saw this winner on VH1 Classic this morning. Man. I haven't seen this much hair since that Whitesnake concert. I didn't know Hagrid had a sister.

Speaking of sisters, mine has a high school portrait with big hair like this. I would post it, except she reads this blog and would drop dead if she saw it here.


31 Celebrity Drunks Of The Day

A raise of the glass to a few celebs who've been known to raise a few of their own. I would list every celebrity drunk, but I don't think Blogger has the server capacity.

Judy Garland

Kelsey Grammer

Tara Reid

Spencer Tracy

Fred "Rerun" Berry

Jason Robards

Edie Falco

Dick Van Dyke

Belinda Carlisle

Richard Burton

Lynda Carter

Keith Moon (The Who)

Stephen King

William Holden

Brett Butler

Henry Fonda

Alexander Gudonov (Die Hard, Witness)

Craig Ferguson

Oliver Reed

Carrie Fisher


Billy Joel

Larry Hagman

Yancy Butler ("Witchblade")

Robin Williams

Mel "I own Malibu" Gibson

Lily Allen

Keith Urban

Eddie Van Halen

Drew Barrymore

Charlie Sheen


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