Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow Porn Of The Day (NSFW)

I guess for some people, a snowman just isn't challenging enough. Something tells me that all of these were made by dudes.

Classic TV Show Open Of The Day

This show scared the crap out of my sister and me, but we loved it. It didn't last very long, as I recall -- a couple of years, maybe -- but longer than the remake they tried to do a few years back, which didn't even last a full season.

Most people remember Darren McGavin as the dad in A Christmas Story ("Fra-JEE-lay"!) but I always remember him as Kolchak.

The 15 Worst Albums By Great Bands Of The Day

From Rolling Stone, which sucks, but the list seems pretty accurate.

1. Bob Dylan, “Down In the Groove”

2. Rolling Stones, “Dirty Work”

3. David Bowie, “Tonight"

4. Van Morrison, “Beautiful Vision”

5. The Clash, “Cut the Crap”

6. Neil Young, “Old Ways”

7. Van Halen, “Diver Down”

8. The Who, “Face Dances”

9. Elvis Costello, “Mighty Like A Rose”

10. Red Hot Chili Peppers, “One Hot Minute”

11. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, “American Dream”

12. Aerosmith, “Rock in a Hard Place”

13. Lou Reed, “Mistrial”

14. Morrissey, “Kill Uncle”

15. Led Zeppelin, “Presence”

They forgot:

R.E.M. - "Up"
The Lemonheads - "Car Button Cloth"
Matthew Sweet - "100% Fun" (100% suck)
The Cars - "Panorama"
U2 - "Pop"

Got any others?

Vid Of The Day: How Croissants Are Made

This is nothing; wait till you see how baguettes are made.

From Lola.

Classic 70s Music Video Of The Day

From Cecilia in Hungary, who says, "My dad had this on a mix tape, but I'd never seen these guys before." And now after seeing them, she's grateful for that... although Glasses/Eyebrows guy probably appeals to you ladies.

Never heard this song in my life, but Tops Of The Pops originated in the UK, so I assume it was more popular overseas.

Cocktail Napkins Of The Day

Many thanks to Linda for an idea I would never would have thought of.


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