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Adam McKay Wants You To Watch "The Voice"

Funny or Die: My Mother's Red Hat

What Is The Matter With People? Specifically This Naked Guy In Creepy Dog Make-Up

This Is The Hilarious 'Point Break' Remake You've Been Waiting For

90s Icon, Gidget The Taco Bell Chihuahua, Dead At 73

Call For Participants

A second year of Envisage 365? Yes!

We are a group of women from around the world participating in a 365 photo-a-day blog. Check us out here if you haven't already:

Or Envisage's sister blog here:

Our first year is fast coming to a close and we are gearing up for a second year of sharing our lives together, to start Sept. 1, 2009. Some familiar faces are returning and we are hoping for some new faces to join us.

If you would like some more information or would like to sign up for the next Envisage, please send me, Sarah, an email here:

I will get back to you with all the information you need to help you decide if you would like to be a contributor with us next year.

The deadline for expressing interest is August 20th, 2009.

Hoping to hear from you soon!


Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Wife For Sale

From Diane.

seattle-tacoma > general

Wife for Sale (Puget Sound)

Date: 2009-05-19, 7:08AM PDT

Wife for sale, should have a lot of miles on her cuz she's never worked, sits around mostly and complains.

Perhaps you could use her in a management position to tell others what their doing wrong and how stupid they are.

Seems to be an expert on everything from banking, sports, politics, customer service, resturant management and much more though she's never done any of this.

The price is negotiable and includes dogs, 2 cars, and a mountain of criticism.

Dogs, $1,000
Cars, $50,000
Getting her out of my life, priceless.

  • Location: Puget Sound

PostingID: 1178329615

Classic Vid Of The Day: Coach Jules

A great one I'd forgotten about, from Jason H.

Some fun facts about SLJ from

- He suffered from a stutter while growing up. A speech therapist suggested he audition for a play to help his speech. It did and he changed his major.

- As of 2006, his films had grossed more money at the box office than the work of any other actor in cinematic history.

- Briefly suspended in 1969 from Morehouse College (Atlanta) after taking hostage several members of the board of trustees, including the father of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, during a protest of the failure of the university to have black trustees or a black studies program.

- Was an usher at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral.

- When asked about his character in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999): "He's black."

- On his character's inevitable death in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005): "I don't mind dying, I just don't wanna go out like some punk."

- On fellow actor Laurence Fishburne: "People mistake me for Laurence all the time. And he always gets mistaken for me. Even when we're standing together, people have called him by my name and me by his. A woman recently ran up to him and said, 'My daughter loved you in Pulp Fiction! Could she have your autograph?' So he signed it, 'Respectfully yours, Samuel Jackson.'"

Vid Of The Day: Movie Theater Recording

Phone message at a movie theater in Ireland. "One or two people have enjoyed it."

The Top 10 Teen Sex Comedies Of The Day

From Entertainment Weekly. Movies listed in reverse order, with my Boob Grade (1-4 boobs) for each. There are some glaring omissions here, I will warn you: no Porky's, My Tutor, Private Lessons, Caddyshack, Meatballs. What others should be here?

Too little funbaggage and too much Johnny Depp man-ass. I bet Hector Elizondo wishes he could have this one back.

Boob Grade:

I could tell you a story about this movie, but my wife would not be happy with me if I did.

Boob Grade:

Did not see it. I avoid Andrew McCarthy at all costs. But I'm told Virginia Madsen's top pops open, which alone is worth....

Boob Grade:

I avoided this one in case Shelley Long got nekkid in it.

Boob Grade:

I only remember two things about this stink-bomb: 1) no boobs; 2) A guy picks up a girl over a game of Galaga, which was lame even back in the 80s (not the game itself, which is way cool).

Boob Grade:

Not to be confused with, "Hot Dog: The Opera." Never saw it, but new sources tell me it's worth...

Boob Grade:

Lucky bastards. I would have killed for that power... and for Willie Aames' hair.

Boob Grade:

The same old story: Loser meets girl. Loser loves girl. Girl gets knocked up by Loser's cooler pal, who dumps her. Loser pawns bitchin' hi-fi system to fund girl's abortion. Girl goes right back to pal, leaving Loser with no girl, no cash and no tunes. All that bullshit and not much nudity.

Boob Grade:

Tons o' nudity, including the sex comedy staple -- and my own personal favorite -- a girls' group shower scene.

Boob grade:

Still a great movie despite Darth Cruise.

Boob Grade:

I love this movie."We've got bush!"

Boob grade:

The only choice for #1, and the movie that taught every guy the importance of locking the bathroom door.

Boob grade:


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