Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Motivational Poster Of The Day

John M. posted this one on Facebook and I stoled it cuz it's funny.

8 Best Videos Of Reporters Getting Pummeled (Of The Day)


Who knew that reporting the news was such a dangerous job
? Obviously these reporters didn't know. Reporters taking a beating on TV all day long. Best part? It's recorded for all to see. Once again we've scoured the webs and found the best. Here are the 8 funniest videos of reporters taking a beating on live TV.

8. Cricket Ball To The Head - Have a hard time understanding the game of cricket? Though we don't really get it, we do know the first thing to do it duck if the ball is heading straight at your head.

7. Reporter Meets Wall Of Snow - As she reports about the dangers of snow, she should first address the dangers of standing too close to a snow plow.

6. Reporter Taken Out By Toboggan - Not only is Ruben in the lead, he's also playing Death Race 2000. Perhaps one of the best tackles in reporter history, and he finishes the story.

5. Sports Reporter Takes A Football To the Skull - Isn't it odd that you'd get hit in the head with a ball when you're standing on a football field during practice?

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90s Music Video Of The Day

"What's My Age Again?" by Blink 182. Great song -- one of the first I put on my iPod. Never saw the vid. Funny.

I'm glad Travis Barker survived the plane crash. I like his drumming.

The nurse is porn star Janine Lindemulder.

Quote from bass player Mark Hoppus:
"The scene with the butt shots...were actually the only real nude scenes. We wore skin-colored Speedos for most of the scenes and when we were running, I realized how unattractive male genitals are. Everything dangling and such. I didn't think I could be embarrassed easily, but I really was."

Your Goofy Pics Of The Day

I asked for photos of FOLOTDs in goofy poses and got what you see below. You people is funny.

If anyone else has pics and wants in, send 'em.

Mala gets to know Johnny Depp at Madame Tussaud's in NYC...

... then helps Gorby get that bird doo off his head

Scar at a Bass Pro Shop in Florida. Tastes like chicken!

Pete M., looking to generate

Paul D. is very excited to be in Paris...

... and in Spain

Morninglight Mama and a pal.. just a couple of hags.

A fortunate photographic accident from M_M at Disney. Hey, Tiggers have to eat, too.

Lisa T. tastes the whale tail

Eli's brother at Universal Studios. You'll be happy to know he survived, although he did lose a foot.

Lefty meets the world's creepiest Santa at a roadside junk shop in Murdo, SD.

Nightmares for Lefty.

Kelly - you so dirty!

Kelly reaches for a rock hard one

Steffanie with a friend on Christmas Eve. He was a big hit at the New Year's BBQ.

When Kate put her daughter Klara in the tub later, all the water jumped out.

Heidi Renée gets stuffed in London with some friends

Not really sure WTF is going on here with Stacy, but don't make fun of her hair -- she knows how to use that gun.

Bobbi in the Mt. Rushmore gift shop -- which sells dinosaur toys. I'm sure they have their reasons.

Bev checks to see if he's really The Man Of Steel.

Taken just seconds before Bev decaptitated Julia Roberts with a pen knife

Amy S. updates a classic. I like this version much better.

Amy S. and Patrick K. at a Renaissance festival. They must work out.

Americanuck's husband gets a whiff of Judy at the wax museum in Vegas

Samsmama keepin' it clean at Chuck E Cheese -- where a kid can be traumatized.

Announcement Of The Day

Still my beating heart. I am SO there*. Hmm, I guess Taylor's records aren't doing that well.

* Not

Video Of The Day: China's Andy Rooney

From The Onion.


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