Friday, December 31, 2010

Product Of The Day: Breast Stim

I need to sell these on the blog.

From Liz, who thought of me when she saw this. You all know me too well.

SFW unless jiggling cleavage is unsafe at your work.

Drunken Shamings Of The Day, Vol. 3

Don't let this happen to you tonight.

Looks like somebody made a rainbow connection.

Something Of The Day

And you thought that you had a lot of mouths to feed.

- Frank

EDIT: Not quite so many mouths:

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mash-Up Of The Day: Double Dream/Single Ladies

It's a lot funnier if you saw Double Dream Hands.

Video of the Day: Chin Monkey

Careful, kids, that monkey looks like he bites.

Posted by Bev.

I'm Not Eating There (Poorly Named Restaurants Of The Day)

File under Engrish and/or Found Porn. From Ashley V.

Avoid the white pizza

And such an expensive sign, too.

I wasn't a phat phuc until I started eating here.

No thanks, you can have it.

Sure is dark in there

Thank you, I just had it stuffed.

At least they're honest.

What kind of "things"?

Try the Revenge Platter for an unforgettable dining experience.

With or without peanuts

Better than schweddy balls, I suppose.

If I could shit gold, I'd keep it to myself

Try the fresh jam

Well... it does make you hungry


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