Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend Links Of The Day

In case it rains.

Brian Posehn is strange. Funny, but strange. (

100 Twitter pages you should follow (Maxim)

Wrestlelicious! (Jason H.)

Miss the WTF Album Covers Of The Day? (Tink/

11 best videogame sequels (

Obsolete occupations (NPR)

10 Most Annoying Celebrity Heiresses (The Shark Guys)

How the Danes sell washing machines (NSFW-nudity) (Mark S., Tom D., Patrick T.)

17 ridiculous laws still on the books (Bev/Huffington Post)

10 non-romantic, non-comedic things to cut from romantic comedies (Jennifer-Dove/NPR)

How did they narrow it down? The 50 worst sex scenes in cinema history (


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