Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Senior Pics - Last Call

If you want to be included in the FOLOTD senior pic post later this week, please send your pic ASAP to listoftheday@yahoo.com.

I've gotten about 30 so far and they are hilarious. Don't miss your chance to be laughed at.


Great Moments In Facebook Of The Day

Fun with schadenfreude! All from Lamebook.com.

This one's from Frank.

Classic SNL Vid Of The Day: Candy Slice

MtnMama's comment on the Mick Jagger post reminded me of an old SNL bit with Gilda Radner that I loved as a kid. Here's Gilda channeling Patti Smith live in concert with Paul Schaffer, G.E. Smith (Gilda's first husband) and some other guys I don't recognize.

Gimme Mick, gimme Mick
Baby’s hair, bulging eyes
Lips so thick
Are you woman, are you man?
I’m your biggest funked-up fan
So rock me and roll me till I’m sick

Vid Of The Day: Toy Fail (NSFW-ish)

When Tarzan wanks, the entire jungle knows it.

Photoshop of the Day: Mick

(Photoshop fun from Daisy)

So often in our culture, we put celebrities up on a pedestal. We idolize them. We forget that they are ordinary people like the rest of us. Take Mick Jagger, for example. Here he is on stage during a performance.

But Mick's just an everyday person with an everyday life just like the rest of us. For example, did you know that Mick really loves to have freshly squeezed orange juice with his breakfast? He even likes to pick his own fruit from the tree.

Mick also loves the smell of freshly washed laundry drying on a clothesline in the back yard. Yes, Mick does his own laundry. In fact, as you can see by the expression of joy on his face, hanging the clothes out to dry is one of his favorite activities.

Remember when Mick said he'd never be a beast of burden? He lied. This trash looks particularly ripe, but there's Mick, doing his part.

On a Saturday afternoon, you are likely to find Mick out in the driveway washing the family van. He'll be out there sudsing it up and scrubbing the bugs off the windshield just like any other ordinary person. Okay, well maybe most people would wear an old T-shirt and shorts instead of a green satin jacket, but hey, he's Mick Jagger. He's gotta look good no matter what he's doing.

Here's Mick, helping the kiddies cross the street like a good citizen.
In Mick's own words*, "Nothing is more important than getting a good education."

Finally, Mick shows his playful side, having fun, zooming about and pretending to be an airplane.

* A complete and utter fabrication.


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