Tuesday, June 8, 2010

10 Cool Ways to Soap Up (of the Day)

Good clean fun from Supertremendous (and me - Bev).

Also good for pranking Grandma.

Don't forget to wash your Dark Side.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. And so is bacon.

Speaking of Godliness, how about some Pope on a rope?

Or poop on a rope. (But the roses sure class up the pic, right?)

Chuck Norris's soap.

Finally, a good use for BK fries.

Fortune: You will clean your business (in bed).

First rule of Fight Club: Don't forget your pits.

For those hard-to-reach spots.

See all 50 of them here.

Drunk Guy On The Beach Of The Day

He puts his pants on one leg at a time...but not quite like everyone else. ~Daisy

Comedy.com Links Of The Day

Thanks for all the clicks in May. It helps.

Lewis Black On Nuclear Holocausts

6 Geniuses Who Also Happen To Be Perverts

Are Ugly Girls Better In Bed?

This Is Why You Should Never Travel Again

The Artwork Of 9 Celebrities

25 Things You Should See On The Internet

Music Video Of The Day: Rain

Prince turned 50 yesterday. Happy birthday, little man. You're a fuckin' freak but you got crazy mad skillz, bro.

Watch for crowd cameos at the beginning:

0:22 - (L to R) Human Leaguer, A-Rod, Reba McIntyre
0:24 - Inspector Funk
0:30 - Fat Albert
0:33 - Farmer Ted
0:38 - Andy Summers
0:47 - Heavy D

My buddy Don had a high-school friend who made her own cassette of the Purple Rain sidetrack. Side A was every song but "Purple Rain." Side B was "Purple Rain" -- over and over and over again until it filled the side.

I played this for my kid the other day and she liked it, but quickly made up her own version of the song. If you followed my Twitter feed for her, you'd know what it was.

May Engrish Roundup

Luckily, they're all taking ESL (Engrish as a Second Ranguage) courses.

Must be the kangroo

My name is Random Bear

Fleshly squeezed

You can certainly try. I'm not sure they'll all go for it.

Can you spare some lib? I'm feeling trapped.

I'm a lustful and bad pig

Cream Of Sum Yung Gai

Poor Cherry -- she so fug

Hey stuff, do you have hot one?

Guess what they speak there?

Why are these donuts on my nipples? I need them for a fruit salad.

For hair that's stubborn and unmanageable

It's a pity you didn't buy better TP. This stuff always pokes through.

Just breathe, man. You're trying too hard.

Prices so low, you'll wanna fap it right there in the store!

Everywhore loves the juice.

Definitely store-bought.

It rubs the lotion on its skin

Merely pointing out what we already know.

Mash-Up Music Vid Of The Day: Rapture On The Storm

Something tells me Jim would be okay with this.

Did I hear that Blondie is coming out with a new record?


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