Wednesday, July 7, 2010 Links Of The Day

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11 Funny Sports Announcer Vids

Comedian Mark Little's Top Five Animal Hybrids

Kobe Bryant's Secret White Obsession

Classic Commercial Of The Day: Zamfir

There's a reason it's not sold in stores. And there's a reason I'd forgotten about this guy, but Cleve was kind enough to remind me. Thanks, Cleve. Thanks a lot.

Now it appears Mr. Z has taken up a new instrument.

New Collective Nouns For Social Groups Of The Day

I bet we could come up with better ones, although "Whedons" is inspired.


News Story Of The Day: Donald Duck Arrested

He just quacked up, I guess.

From Frank and

Donald Duck arrested on drug charges after crash in Akron

MASSILLON, Ohio - A man named Donald Duck was arrested on drug charges after an accident in a drive-through line over the weekend.

Officers said Duck, 51, was arrested at about 5:25 p.m. Saturday after he repeatedly struck the car in front of him while at a drive-through pizza line on Lincoln Way East in Massillon.

Police said Duck was charged with drug paraphernalia offenses and possession of marijuana.

According to Massillon police, Duck has been arrested numerous times on DUI charges dating back to 1991.

June Mugshot Roundup

Everyone pictured here is presumed guilty until proven otherwise. And even then I'll still think they all did it. They just look guilty.

He's not just a Jheri Curl user, he's the president


Fear this Sharpie

I bet she has a helluva whistle

Grinning Gomez, brother of Laughing Juan

I know that look

After 74 years, in one lucid, epiphanic moment, Armstrong finally "got it."


Yank real hard on his hair and that goatee will disappear

Not for long, I bet

Bugs hit Latisha's hair with a loud PING and fall dead

Speaking of dead...

The Steelers took her in the second round to shore up their offensive line

Wait... did you say

She'd rather fight than switch wigs

Coy is hard to pull off when your hair is matted to your head.

Only after dialing his phone call from jail did Thing realize it was pointless

Vid Of The Day: Deer On The Loose

It's funny cuz it's true. Here in Atlanta, it was a zebra.


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