Monday, August 9, 2010

Dumbass Of The Day (video)

"Hey y'all, watch this!"

Clip is a little violent. PG-13.

Am I the only one getting a whiff of staged viral video here?

17 Dead Centerfolds Of The Day (NSFW-ish)

Marilyn Monroe was the first Playboy centerfold to die an early death, but she certainly wasn't the last. Here are 17 more who died from unnatural causes, which is why some people claim there's a Playboy Playmate curse. These are the same people who believe in the Mothman and Bigfoot, so take it for what it's worth.

Curse or not, this is a tragic lineup.


Miss August 1979; Playmate Of The Year 1980
Died 1980 - shot by her husband
Trivia: The film
Star 80 is based on her life and death.


Miss February 1971
Died 1973 - drug overdose
Trivia: Her (nude) photo appeared on the stock certificate of Playboy Enterprises at the time of its first public offering in 1971


Miss June 1955
Died 1977 - airplane crash
Trivia: Former wife of movie director Russ Meyer (
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!)


Miss October 1992
Died 2008 - suicide by drug overdose


Miss July 1970
Died 1971 - auto accident
Trivia: Was part Cherokee


Miss March 1961
Died 1966 - auto accident
Trivia: Another of Playboy's few centerfolds of Native American heritage


Miss April 1965
Died 1969 - suicide
Trivia: At 4'11", was Playboy's shortest centerfold


Miss July 1968
Died 2009 - adverse reaction to pain medication

Trivia: Studied fine art and painting at both the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Chicago


Miss February 1955
Died 1967 - auto accident
Trivia: Actress; mother of TV actress Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)


Miss December 1994
Died 2002 - drug overdose
Trivia: Playboy's website listed her death as being from "natural causes."


Miss February 1958
Died 1989 - suicide (unconfirmed)


Miss November 1968
Died 1974 - suicide by barbituate overdose


Miss November 1969; Playmate Of The Year 1970
Died 1979 - auto accident
Trivia: Appeared in an episode of The Brady Bunch as one of the record executives who gives Greg Brady a recording contract ("Adios, Johnny Bravo").


Miss April 1989
Died 2010 - heroin overdose


Miss August 1981
Died 2008 - suicide
Trivia: Killed herself after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer


Miss February 1977
Died 1997 - murdered while prostituting
Trivia: Dated Gene Simmons


Miss May 1992; Playmate Of The Year 1993
Died 2007 - drug overdose

Movie Trailer & Clip Of The Day: Schmucks

Funny flick, saw it this weekend. It's no Hangover, but still a solid B+.

A short scene with Jemaine Clement ("Flight Of The Conchords"), since he was noticeably absent from the trailer. (From

News Story Of The Day: Dog Eats Toe, Saves Man's Life

I got nothing. The story says it all. Link from Joe S.

Dog eats Rockford man's big toe, saves his life

G0802 JERRY DOUTHETTE dog toe.jpg

August 3, 2010 (Grand Rapids Press)-- Dogs that bite are not ordinarily lavished with praise, but Jerry Douthett's little dog Kiko is being hailed as a lifesaver.

Kiko apparently sensed an infection festering in his master's right big toe -- and chewed most of it off after Douthett passed out in a drunken stupor.

A trip to the hospital confirmed Douthett's digit required amputation, and Kiko is being heralded by his owner for helping him realize he has been suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Douthett had a dangerously high blood-sugar level of 560 when admitted -- many times the recommended 80 to 120.

"Jerry had had all these Margaritas, so I just let him sleep," said his wife, Rosee, a registered nurse. "But then I heard these screams coming from the bedroom, and he was yelling, 'My toe's gone, my toe's gone!'"

The Rockford man's strange odyssey began several months ago when he started picking at what he thought was a small sliver on the bottom of his toe. He used a knife to cut skin away from the affected area, but it worsened, swelling so much he had to eschew shoes and resort to loose-fitting sandals.

"I was hiding it from people, Rosee included," said Douthett, 48, who is a musician and a well-known wheeler-dealer in Rockford, where he was born and raised.

"It smelled, and I look back now and realize every time we'd visit someone with a dog, their dog would be sniffing all over my foot."

(story continues on

For added yuks, check out this radio interview with Mr. Stinkfoot. (Thanks for the link, Joe.)

SNL Commercial Of The Day: Scrotox

Now that's what I call a smooth set of luggage.

July Mugshot Roundup

Round up the usual suspects.

Hello, hairbrush

The cast of
To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar

Let my people go! Namely -- me.

"Hey man, good weekend?"
(blank stare)
"I guess not."

That's his Born Stupid On date

Time to trim those nose hairs, bruh

The snap of the latex glove always gets their attention

That poor button

I'm too sexy for my big blue polyester shirt from K-Mart

Woodwoman. Naughty.


Wayne Brady had to choke a bitch after all


This aggression will not stand, man

I am crushing your head!

I'm Popeye the Sailor Man
I live in the county can

All about the Mrs. Butterworth

DJ Slamma was pissed -- he didn't even get to finish his set

Not enough flair. Thirteen is the minimum.

Lurleen always kept an eye out for Jesus


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