Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Orientation Video Of The Day: UGA

I hate to do this to my beloved alma mater, but what the Christ? Who approved this? I'm gonna pluck out that person's eyeballs and fuck the sockets.

HPOA of the Day

There are a couple of great "I quit" stories going around the internet this week, but this one is my favorite. Don't know what a HPOA is? Keep reading.

From The Chive and me, Bev.

This is Jenny.

Jenny emailed some photos to all of her coworkers yesterday to tell them that she has decided to move on, and why.

Take it away, Jenny!

Commercial Of The Day: Smoothie


Is it real?

NYC Street Posters Of The Day (NSFW)

From Kenneth Goldsmith:

This collection of street posters, mad scribblings, political screeds, religious rants, and paranoid raves was collected on the streets of New York City from 1985 to the present.

Some time ago, it occurred to me that the streets are as full of art as, say, thrift shops are full of great paintings. So, inspired by Jim Shaw's Thrift Shop Paintings, Adolf W├Âlfli's visionary scrawls, and outsider music, I began carrying a portable razor with me whilst out on casual strolls.

What began as a hobby has remained an obsession.

See more HERE at UbuWeb.

Not sure hula is the ideal thing for people in the hospital.


Don't quit your day job, honey.

I love football cat

Do I get to pick which one?

Ling-Ling very good dog.

"Dear Mr. Dick, thank you for your interest..."

No asbestos here.

I've been looking for some good used nail clippers.

Pit bol

The 'Fro absolves you.

The bandages on his fingers prove that he's a brute.

See more HERE at UbuWeb.


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