Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WTF Commercial of the Day: Panda Cubes

I'm not sure what to think about this. I don't know what the product is and I don't know why the panda is so enraged. Perhaps he demands constant eye contact at all times? DO NOT MESS WITH PANDAS! Hmm. Maybe it's a PSA.


Links Of The Day

No, not links -- these are from me and your fellow readers, and a way to keep you occupied for the rest of the afternoon whilst I take care of other bidness. See -- I'm always thinking 1) ahead, and 2) about your well-being. Someone has to.

Black + WTF? - Monochromatic weirdness from Melissa H.

7 Photo Poses That Prove You're A Douchebag - from Frank

Drive-In movie ads from Elliott, who writes, "I loved going to the drive-in when we were kids. I remember sitting on the roof of the station wagon or my friend's parents' Suburban. When we were younger I recall going already wearing pajamas so it was less work for my parents when we got home.  The first time I saw Tron and Meatballs were both at the Starlite Drive-In in Wisconsin.  Good times."

I'm Sticky Fingers Lee. What's your blues name? From Amy.

Linda thinks you'll enjoy her hubby's original web comic, The Specialists.

It wouldn't be a link post without something from The Shark Guys. Check out creative ways to smuggle dope and 10 new Mel Gibson movies.

Put some 1993 into your web surfing with Geocities-izer from Patrick K.

Mash-Up Of The Day: Full Metal Star Wars (NSFW)


VERY unsafe for work (but you already knew that if you've seen Full Metal Jacket. If not, prepare yourself for language so blue it's like a Smurf took a shit with every line. Racial slurs, too. You are warned.)


17 Last Supper Parodies Of The Day

Creative blasphemy from people we'll meet in Hell.

My sister: "I don't believe in Hell."
My grandmother: "You'll believe it when the flames are licking at your feet."

Look, it's our old pal, the Tourist of Death

This one I included especially for Lefty, who loves clowns.

I included this one only because it's so terrible. I love the late addition of the Sopranos guys at the bottom, half in, half out. Did the floor give way or something?

Happiness is just a Flaming Moe's away.

Vid Of The Day: Emmy Opening

I don't really care for awards shows, but this is clever. Thanks, CajunMan, for the link.



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