Friday, October 29, 2010

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Need Help With Halloween Costume

A classic from last Halloween. From Cam.

50 Best/Worst Halloween Costumes Ever (Of The Day) (NSFW)

A yearly tradition here at LOTD, freshly updated.

Some are from Sarah, some are from Julie M. Some are clever, others are just lame and/or nasty.

The Toilet (Kids)
For a humiliation your child can tell his shrink about when he's grown.

Toilet Guy #2


Mammogram Machine
The boob is already in there, chief.

Not creepy at all. Did Tattoo have a picture of himself on his suit in the show? I think I would've remembered that.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I think

The Old Ball & Chain
What woman would go along with this?

Pizza Guy
Lemme guess--sausage?

The Simpsons
Clever, but creepy

Bert & Ernie
It sounded good on paper

The Man-Eating Shark
Mildly amusing

Burger King Stormtrooper
One theme at a time, please

Gary Glitter
Convicted pedophile

Jewish Wolverine

Milk Carton
Because missing children are hi-larious

The lips make it

Frank 'n' Beans
Don't forget to scratch yourselves all night


Plug & Socket
Please don't make me think about you two having sex

Penis Man
You're a total dick

He finally beat Spiderman. Then ate him.

Sperm Man
There's millions of these costumes floating around

Mr. T
If anyone tells you that blackface went out with Al Jolson, say, "Quit your jibba jabba, fool!" Voted Costume Most Likely To Get Your Ass Kicked.

Camel Toe

I Scream, You Scream
So what's the problem here?

The Littlest Terrorist
No smoking!

Alien baby baby
Wrong but funny

Boba Fatt

The Turd/Milk Dud
Hard to tell the difference sometimes.


TIE Fighter (Star Wars)
Tomorrow he'll complain, "How come I never get laid on Halloween?"

Trouser Snake
No woman will come near you all night


Whatever The Fuck This Is
"No, dude, you don't look weird at all."

Baby Man
Put the lotion in the basket

Small Wonder
Remember when costumes were just a mask and a shirt or dress? Yeah, they sucked.

The Runnybutt
Genius! Just squeeze the hand-held bubble to make it ooze diarrhea. Yes, it's real. The costume, I mean, not the diarrhea. Hopefully.

The oven's okay, but Bun Maker kills it

Death Star
Wonder where his hands are

Maxi Pad
No guy will come near you all night

Saggy Boobs
Only a dude would dress like this.

Dr. Killjoy (kids)
Great for school parties.

Birth 1
Yeah but how do you walk in it?

Birth 2
Group version.

Lil' Hitler (kids)
Because you dressed him as Stalin last year and everyone thought he was Mike Ditka

Pasta with Meat/Balls
Pasta with meatfuck

Village Person
No one under 40 will get it

From The Black Lagoon

This is not the worst vagina costume you'll ever see...

Vagina With Tampon
...but this might be


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