Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brainy Celebrity Hotties Of The Day

Who says you can't have it all? Brains + beauty = score!



You know her from: Star Wars, Garden State, Closer, The Professional

Why she's brainy: Has a psychology degree from Harvard. Also engaged in graduate studies at Hebrew University. Speaks Hebrew, French and Japanese fluently.


You know her from: The cover of every magazine printed in the 1990s. Yes, every single one.

Why she's brainy: High school valedictorian (4.0 GPA), enrolled at Northwestern University to study chemical engineering on full academic scholarship. Dropped out to pursue modeling full-time after a semester.


You know her from: Numerous Bollywood movies and the 1994 Miss World pageant, which she won. Rai was declared the most beautiful woman of all-time by numerous web polls, magazine articles and Julia Roberts.

Why she's brainy: Was an A student at the prestigious Ruparel College in India (part of the University of Mumbai). Wanted to study medicine or zoology but ultimately ended up majoring in architecture. Fluent in several languages including Hindi, Marathi, English and Tamil (her native tongue is Tulu).


You know her from: Click, Serendipity, Underworld, Pearl Harbor.

Why she's brainy: Attended Oxford University (New College) to study French and Russian literature for 3 years. As a teenager she was a two-time winner of the W.H. Smith Young Writers' competition for her short stories and poems. Is also fluent in French, German and Russian.


You know her from: The Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting, Leaving Las Vegas.

Why she's brainy: Attended Wellesley College and Harvard University. She left Harvard to focus on acting in the mid 80s, but returned 15 years later to complete her degree in Government.


You know her from: GoldenEye, X-Men, The Faculty, Nip/Tuck

Why she's brainy: Attended Columbia University to study literature and writing. Later attended the University of Amsterdam to study Economics.


You know her from: If you're using the internet, you probably don't know her. Ask your grandparents.

Why she's brainy: Owns a joint patent with composer George Antheil for an early version of spread spectrum communication technology (U.S. patent #2,292,387) - a concept that was later incorporated into wireless telephones and internet wifi.


You know her from: Talk Soup, Friends, The Ghost Whisperer, 24.

Why she's brainy: Earned a Bachelor's degree from Dartmouth in Government with a minor in Environmental Policy. Fluent in French Russian and Swahili.


You know her from: Career Opportunities, The Rocketeer, Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind

Why she's brainy: Attended Yale for 2 years (English) then transferred to Stanford to complete her Bachelor's degree. Is fluent in French and Italian.

Vid Of The Day: AA Ruins Social Lives

From The Onion.

AA Destroying The Social Lives Of Thousands Of Once-Fun Americans

Cross-Eyed Cats Of The Day

They amuse me.


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