Friday, January 7, 2011

Nostalgic Fun Video Of The Day

This little movie popped up on my radar last week. It stirs my love of those classic old 8-bit video games. The kids don't understand what Donkey Kong used to look like (or that he was the antagonist).


Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day: Wings

Don't act like you don't like this song, bitch, cuz I know you do. And that's okay--I do, too. Which is why I had it in my wedding. Okay, not really, but I should have. I mean, how many times can a person hear Pachelbel's Canon? Great song, but enough already. Ditto Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring.

If you prefer the original, knock yourself out.

Nazi Trivia of the Day

Found by Heidi Renée.

New documents: Hitler-mocking dog enraged Nazis

Yahoo via the Associated Press

BERLIN – Newly discovered documents have revealed a bizarre footnote to the history of the Second World War: a Finnish mutt whose imitation of the Hitler salute enraged the Nazis so deeply that they started an obsessive campaign against the dog's owner.

Absurdly, a totalitarian state that dominated most of Europe was unable to do much about Jackie and his paw-raising parody of Germany's Fuehrer.

In the middle of World War II — months before Hitler ordered some 4.5 million troops to invade the Soviet Union — the Foreign Office in Berlin commanded its diplomats in the Nazi-friendly Nordic country to gather evidence on the dog, and even came up with plans to destroy the pharmaceutical wholesale company of its owner.

Historians had not been aware of the episode before some 30 files containing parts of the correspondence and diplomatic cables were recently found by a researcher at the political archives of the German Foreign Office.

Klaus Hillenbrand, an expert who has written several books on the Nazi period, was contacted by the historian and examined all of the documents for an article to be published Saturday in daily newspaper Die Tageszeitung.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Hillenbrand called the entire episode "completely bizarre."

"Just months before the Nazis launched their attack on the Soviet Union, they had nothing better to do than to obsess about this dog," Hillenbrand said.

Read the rest here.

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DVD Of The Day: Pre-Natal Pole Dancing


From Funny Or Die.

Gossip Of The Day

Some fun bits in this week's Popbitch update.

There's more United States of Tara with the amazing Toni Collette. But we don't need another reason to love her. Remember this story? An Australian man was driving down the freeway when he noticed the woman in the car beside him waving. When they pulled up at the lights he wound down the window. "I've just bought the new Coldplay album", she said. "Do you want it? It's crap!" The man said yes, and she chucked the CD through the open car window. It was Toni Colette.

Which washed out singer-songwriter might have overestimated the demand for his upcoming 2011 comeback? He failed to charm even a single person on the domestic violence awareness course he was ordered to attend after assaulting his partner during his time away from the spotlight. They all regarded him as a "bit of a knob."

Someone who toured with Barry Manilow tells us that his wardrobe included special underwear with "arse pads" in them. At one time on a US tour, the arse pads were lost in a hotel laundry. Barry was furious, and, quite rightly, refused to leave his hotel room and go to the gig until his pads were found and returned.

We hear that Gerard Butler likes to put on his own films in the background when he is seducing a lady.

A few years ago The Scotsman's arts editor got a phonecall, asking if he'd maybe be interested in an interview with Gerry Rafferty? The arts ed declined, confiding that, in his opinion, Gerry wasn't doing very much and had rather gone off the radar. But he did offer to check around and see if he could find a taker at the Edinburgh Evening News. And who should he say was calling? "Gerry Rafferty."

Read more at Popbitch

15 Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers (Of the Day)

From Buzzfeed. See the whole list here.

-Heidi Renée

"Torn" - Made popular by Natalie Imbruglia, originally by Ednaswap

"Tainted Love" - Made popular by Soft Cell, also covered by The Pussycat Dolls; originally by Gloria Jones

"Respect" - Made popular by Aretha Franklin, originally by Otis Redding

"Cum On Feel the Noise" - Made popular by Quiet Riot, originally by Slade

"I Love Rock and Roll" - Made popular by Joan Jett, also covered by Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus; originally by The Arrows

The rest are here.


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