Friday, March 4, 2011

News Of The Day: Uhh, Never Mind On The Cigarette

It was either this or carry a man-purse, and Neil had far too much dignity for that.

From The Smoking Gun.


A Florida inmate is facing new criminal charges after a strip search turned up a remarkable array of items hidden inside a condom sticking out of his rectum.

Neil Lansing, 34, was jailed Friday after being sentenced in Drug Court on a possession charge. It appears that Lansing stocked up on contraband in anticipation of serving his time, according to a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office report.

During a “routine search of inmates” Friday night, jailers “observed part of a condom sticking out of the defendant’s anus.” After the item was dislodged, deputies discovered it contained:

* 17 round blue pills marked “54/199”
* 1 cigarette
* 6 matches
* 1 flint
* 1 empty syringe with eraser over needle
* 1 lip balm container
* 1 condom
* 1 CVS receipt
* 1 paper coupon

Lansing was charged with illegally possessing drugs (the blue pills were Oxycodone) and tobacco inside a county jail.

February "Found Porn" Roundup

From Emmi, Frank, Sheila, Willie, and Karen H.

Sorry about your suit. I'll fetch you a tissue.

The dog won't touch his new toy. I wonder why.

"Tell me quick, ain't that a kick in the kok?" - Dean Martin

Maybe? There is no maybe.

What's that smell?

He's just happy to be here.

Looks like someone finished a little too soon.

Closed. Story of my life.

I don't wanna know what's on the other side of those buttons.

This is what happens when the Funhole stays closed too long.

Burn Of The Day (video)


Reminds me of "Jane, you ignorant slut...."

Awwwww Pic Of The Day: BFF

See, it's not just shit, tits and armpits here on LOTD.

This pic was labeled "BFF and I mean FOREVER."


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