Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July "Found Porn" Roundup

This month's catch from Melanie, RGR, Daisy, Evil Twin, Wendy, Carolyn, Laura, and Bean Counter. That's right--all women. And they say men have dirty minds.

Where dried-up old nips go to die.

An hour later, Svetlana found out why they call it passion fruit

"You like some happy sensation?"

Must be cold up there on Two Tit Mountain.

Not fail! PASS!

I'm not blowing that up. Ask your mother.

Grossman is no longer eligible to line up at Tight End

Go, Dad!

Power ball sold there.

Dammit, Baker! Clean that up!

Don't mind if I do. Ahhhh... caramel...

I'm sorry, God. Please don't smi

Vid Of The Day: Penis Power (NSFW)

Jackrabbit? A jackrabbit jump from here to there. From DRSJF.

Creative Video Of The Day

Are there limits to creativity? This video answers that question.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

And that answer is, "I certainly hope so."

-- Frank


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