Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Album Of The Day: Def Lullabies

I guess they need the money.

From Amazon: "The Rock the Cradle series features lullaby renditions of popular songs from legendary rock groups. Dreamin' With Def Leppard begins the series and features not only 12 of the bands biggest hits, but contributions from Def Leppard guitarists Phil Collen & Vivian Campbell. Underneath all the shredding on Def Leppards biggest hits lie some incredible melodies and now, the toddler set has a rockin' way to go to sleep. This truly is a Rock of Ages!"

Here's a cut.

Want it? Buy it here and support LOTD.

Vid Of The Day: Oops

Hey, I saw you on the news!

News Story Of The Day: Bunny Suit Creep

From proud Idahoan, Bean Counter Lori.

Idaho Falls police investigate man in bunny suit

August 3, 2011--Idaho Falls Police investigated a man in a bunny suit after neighbors reported him as a public nuisance for frightening children in their neighborhood on Monday.

William Falkingham, 34, was advised by police not to wear his bunny suit in public.

According to a report, officers responded to the 400 block of Third Street after a resident reported that her son had been frightened by Falkingham wearing a black bunny suit and hiding behind a tree and pointing his finger like a gun at him.

The officer also spoke to other neighbors who expressed that they were greatly disturbed by Falkingham and his bunny suit. Neighbors also reported that Falkingham also occasionally wears a tutu with the bunny suit.

Police contacted Falkingham about the complaints. Falkingham stated that he enjoys wearing the suit but understood the neighbors’ concerns.

Source: Idaho State Journal

Vid Of The Day: Censored Count

Hilarity from Laura. I might have posted it before, but if I don't remember, you probably don't, either. This one is worth a repeat.

The 9 Most Annoying People At Starbucks

From Spinderfella and

Starbucks is the best and worst place on the entire planet. On the one hand, they have more than enough delicious caffeine, whipped cream, and overpriced travel mugs to satisfy your early morning cravings. On the other hand, they're a steaming hotbed of douchebaggery. Here are the 9 most annoying people you'll run into at your local Starbucks:


Y'know what's awesome? When you walk into a Starbucks to find a line about thirty patrons deep, and then the person who gets in line behind you just shouts to their "friend" behind the counter: "Hey, Colby! I'm getting my usual!" Then, the line jumper spends the rest of his time trying to "just sneak in and pay real quick" so that he can avoid standing in line with all the other losers who don't come to this particular Starbucks as often as he does.


When you order coffee, it shouldn’t sound like you’re giving the pass code to a missile defense system. If you’re lactose intolerant, on a strict diet, and can’t handle a full dose of caffeine, how about instead of ordering a “non-fat, grande, soy chai latte with a half shot of espresso and no foam," just drink a glass of water.


Wearing an all-white or striped button down shirt, this guy shows up with a legal pad full of hastily scribbled orders. "Yeah, I'm gonna need 24 tall skinny soy lattes with sugar free hazelnut extra hot...and 32 grande no caff cappuccinos with light whip cream, sugar free hazelnut and vanilla with white chocolate mocha. And 14 grande supremos with a triple shot, sugar free vanilla, extra white mocha, no whip, no foam and an extra drizzle. Oh, and can I get a smiley face on the bottom of all those?"


Screw the library with all it’s “room” and “group space.” It makes way more sense to have your 20-person study session in an incredibly busy and crowded Starbucks with tables that have insufficient space to lay your books. Everyone knows you have a poli-sci midterm, mostly because they can hear every f*cking thing you’re saying because you’re yelling so that you can be heard over the frappucino machine.

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