Thursday, August 11, 2011

Euphemisms Of The Day (chart)

Leisa saw this and suggested I share it with all of you. Just when I think I've heard all possible euphemisms for a particular thing, people make up more. Not that I am complaining--you have to admire the creativity of coming up with phrases like "taffy puller."

Classic Movie Clip Of The Day: Ben Gets A Room

Recent college graduate Ben (Dustin Hoffman) meets his neighbor, Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), at a hotel for the first of their many trysts. He's a bit nervous.

Great scene from a great movie.

SNL Vid Of The Day: Where You're Going

See you there!

Parents Of The Year Candidates (NSFW)

Ya know, it's gonna be tough to pick a winner this year. Far too many worthy candidates.

Pics from Lanie Painie, Mandy, Don, Heidi Renee, and Amy.


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