Monday, February 20, 2012

WTF Commercial Of The Day: The Unicorn And The Dolphin (NSFW)

Words are useless, with one exception: NSFW. From Michelle.

Dipsh*t Thief Of The Day

Stupidity is its own punishment.

Cops Bust Man For Brazen Theft Of $6500 Rolex From TSA Screening Checkpoint

A New York man was arrested today and charged with stealing a $6500 Rolex watch as he passed last month through a Transportation Security Agency checkpoint at a Fort Lauderdale airport.

Investigators released video (see below) of the brazen watch theft earlier this week, triggering an outpouring of calls to a Broward County Crime Stoppers hotline.

The phone tips, investigators noted, confirmed that the Rolex was swiped by Igor Ramos, a 37-year-old businessman who travels between Florida and New York selling cars.

Ramos was picked up today at his condo in Sunny Isles “wearing the prized Rolex watch on his wrist” when he opened the door for Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies, according to a news release.

A sheriff's spokesperson reported that when a deputy questioned him about the Rolex, Ramos replied, "It was a gift from God."

Ramos, who also maintains a residence on Long Island, was charged with the felony grand theft and transported to the county jail.

While surveillance video (and still photos) of the theft were broadcast/published nationwide, Ramos--“due to his heavy travel”--was apparently unaware that he was the subject of a manhunt.

35 Idiotic Facebook Status Posts Of The Day

I can haz stoopid?

See them all on Buzzfeed.

Vid Of The Day: Troll Mom FTW

Three things:

1. The song is horrible.
2. The girl cannot sing.
3. Mom looks like an IHOP waitress but I am strangely attracted to her persistence and joie de vivre.

Parents: we live to embarrass our children.


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