Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photos That Completely Capture The 90s (Of The Day)

From Buzzfeed.

Urkel, Will Smith and Reggie Miller

Where's Belding?

Shitty gadgets

Bad TV and people with stupid nicknames



Windows sucks.

Laser portraits

You've got shit!

Double-reverse pleated pants



More at Buzzfeed.

Music Vid Of The Day: Dubstep Kitteh


Vid Of The Day: Ever Flashed Anyone?

An exercise in judging books by their covers. Don't miss the end.

Nervous Baby Photoshops of the Day

Not too long ago, Cary posted this funny picture of a nervous baby sitting on a train on the sidebar here at LOTD. The expression on the baby's face made me want to Photoshop him into some other situations that might cause that same expression. ~posted by Daisy

For example, he might look a little nervous if he were being chased by a crocodile...

Or if he had to try and figure out how to eat a lobster.

A strange, scary clown offering candy might be a reason to be a little nervous...

as would going for a skunk ride with your twin brother...

or stepping unexpectedly on a wad of gum with your bare foot.

Ask any guy who has ever been kissed by a pretty girl if it made him nervous (especially if it was the very first time!). I bet the answer will be, "Yes."

But maybe I got it all wrong. Maybe that's not a nervous face at all. Maybe it's his "concentrating on my cool moves--I'm so awesome when I'm dancing" look.


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