Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vid Of The Day: Inconspicuous

Freeze! Oh no, you've been spotted! Hide!

February Motivational Poster Roundup

Good stuff from Keith, Rich Girl Red, Angie, Melanie, John, Laura and Cam. Thanks.

Classic Movie Trailer Of The Day: Chicken

Watched this one with my kid a few nights ago--one of my favorites from childhood. I hadn't seen it since the 70s. She declared it "boring." Now I'm gonna make her watch The English Patient and The Tree Of Life back to back and see if she still thinks this one is boring.

The female lead, Joan Staley, was a former
Playboy bunny (link SFW). The producers of The Ghost And Mr. Chicken made her wear a brunette wig because she was "too sexy" as a blonde. I like her better as a brunette; she has a sort of Paula Prentiss thing going on, and I always loved Paula.

Chart Of The Day: Gang Signs

It all makes sense now.


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