Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome Vid Of The Day: Stars

Very nice. I wish they had picked better (non-elevator) music, but 'tis a small complaint when weighed against the visuals. Enjoy. It's even better if you follow the link and click on Couch Mode.

Unfortunate Newspaper Photo/Headline Placements Of The Day

The unemployment rate just went up, at least among newspaper editors.

Sources:,, Flickr,

WTF Commercial Of The Day: AHF

Stay the hell away from my holes, Lou.

Celebrities Who Look Like Discarded Mattresses (Of The Day)

From a Facebook gallery (link at bottom of post).

More here.

Retro Commercial Of The Day: Beautiful

Another one of those jingles you didn't realize you had forgotten until you hear it again, then you remember every word. I'm pretty sure the cheerleader is Lori "Full House" Loughlin.


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