Thursday, June 14, 2012

The 10 Best Vehicles To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse (Of The Day)

It doesn't really matter what you drive; the undead will get you one way of another. But these might buy you a few extra weeks. From Cool Material.


While traversing a grim and rocky landscape, you’re going to need some essentials. The Sportsmobile 4WD Vehicle allows you to load up on Coke and Slim Jims for your delicious survival while you find paths to get to whatever city is left. It’s the most badass van that doesn’t have B.A. Baracus chilling in the back. (Link)


This ride is built for the deserts of the Southwest United States, which is exactly how we picture the whole world looking in the not too distant future. With a Corvette engine, a Ford truck rear and an F150 steering wheel, the Local Motors Rally Fighter is like the work of a mad auto scientist. Just tell your friends they’ll need their own ride. Who are we kidding, your friends will be dead. (Link)


Can zombies swim? This question has spurred more web fights than the usage of there, their and they’re. We’ll play it safe with the amphibious Python. (Link)


This is what a doomsday bike looks like. If tight passages are going to pose issues, the Rocket III is what we want. From takeoff to breaking, everything is top of the line. Carrying a lot of supplies will be an issue, but we’ll just swallow a bunch of June bugs while we ride. (Link)


As Mercedes-Benz says, the Unimog offers “absolute off-road supremacy.” Since it’s designed to perform in disaster emergencies and the harshest conditions, we’d have to imagine the Unimog is as dependable as it is fun to say. (Link)

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Caption This Photo Of The Day

From Rachael.

Authorities reopen Grassy Knoll investigation in hopes of finding further evidence of JFK.

Trailer Of The Day: E2

The only action star they're missing is Chuc-- oh, never mind. I won't see this but it's amusing to watch old guys blow up shit and spout corny one-liners. I still can't understand a word Jean-Claude Van Damme says. But that doesn't really matter. I would love to see a female version of this.

News: Memphis Airport Panda Express Named Nation's Most Depressing Place

From The Onion, though this could be a real story and I would believe it.

Memphis Airport Panda Express Takes Over As Nation's Most Depressing Place

May 23, 2012

MEMPHIS, TN—With its combination of flickering fluorescent lights, seats facing a Delta security checkpoint, and day-old lo mein noodles sticking to its teal-colored tiled floors, Memphis Airport's Panda Express is now the the nation's most depressing place, sources confirmed Tuesday.

"We found listening to alternating English and Spanish safety announcements while eating orange chicken at 10 in the morning to have a soul-crushing quality unlike anywhere else in America," said US News & World Report list editor Brian Kelly, adding that the Chinese fast-food restaurant became the nation's saddest location after overtaking the concession stand at a Flint, MI, dollar-movie theater.

"The Panda Express had been holding steady at number two for several years, but once they switched from red and yellow paper plates decorated with Chinese dragons to plain-white Styrofoam containers, that took it over the top."

Other locations that made this year's list were a Boca Raton, FL, burn ward, the House of Representatives, and wherever 34-year-old Fairfax, VA, resident Nate Clement happens to be.

School Fails Of The Day

From DRSJF and

More here.


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