Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Most Unappetizing Food Photos On Instagram (Of The Day)

Trying to diet? This will help. From Buzzfeed.


 Stouffer's lasagna. Cooked for fifty-eight hours instead of minutes. Dad never could work that microwave.

 The middle one looks like a deep-fried squid. Eyes and all.


 Sizzler side salad: $0.69 (dressing included and no, you can't have it on the side.)

 A child made this

 Ham 'n' beans 'n' Hershey's syrup

 Needs more raisins blueberries

 Giant pan o' cheese. Does it really matter what's underneath?

I found something just like this growing under a rotten stump I dug up in my yard.

 That's either custard or someone's saved bacon grease.

 That steak just twitched.


 The Thing

 Salmon croak-ettes?

 I wonder whose tongue that is.

 Pan-fried earlobes. Yum.

How fries die.

 Are those maggots?

Church-supper reject. At least they tried to class it up with a styrofoam plate. Paper is so gauche.

See more here if you're a glutton. For food or punishment.

Helpful Website Of The Day: 50 Shades Copy Generator

Yes, you too can write godawful pron at the push of a button (pun intended!). Start by clicking the pic below.


The Top 25 Party Colleges Of The Day

Hot off the presses of Newsweek and The Daily Beast

Their methodology:
"To compile the list of the best schools in the nation at which to party down, we limited the pool of colleges to those that were considered “best-fit” for students interested in attending a “big-time party school” according to CollegeView. From there, we considered the number of on-campus arrests and per-student disciplinary actions for drugs and alcohol that occurred in 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Bonus points were given to campuses that landed on Princeton Review’s most recent rating of the top party schools and top beer-drinking campuses."

25. Rollins
24. Arizona State
23. Plymouth State
22. Maryland
21. Georgia
20. Dayton
19. Lehigh
18. California (at Santa Barbara)
17. Texas
16. U of The South
15. Mississippi
14. Iowa
13. Florida State
12. DePauw
10. Indiana
9. Florida
8. Colgate
7. Wisconsin
6. New Hampshire
5. Union
4. Ohio
3. Colorado
2. Penn State
1. West Virginia

Your school didn't crack the list? Keep at it!


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