Friday, August 10, 2012

Britney Spears GIFs of The Day


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News: Increasing Number Of Social Lives Being Ruined By Alcoholics Anonymous

"I used to have a very good friend but he gave up drinking, now he won't answer the phone when I call screaming incoherently at 2 a.m. to sing Rolling Stones songs like we used to do at the bar after work."

From The Onion.


LOTD Classic Of The Day: Unfortunate Gravestones

Mocked in life. Mocked in death.

See ya

What the.....?

No, not OK

Sorry for your loss, Loss

Yep, that'll kill ya

The death of Funk

I hope that's not what killed her

It's gotta be here somewhere

So long, Fucker


A Proper burial

Oh yes

Not anymore

Not anymore

That's why we bury 'em

Death is the worst

Yes, zees ees trouble indeed

And out

Born a Loser, died a Loser.


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