Monday, February 4, 2013

Meme Of The Day: Philosoraptor

Velociraptor: the Mitch Hedberg of dinosaurs.


Disgusting Super Bowl Commercial Of The Day

Be sure to turn up the volume for full effect.

News: Zoo Escape Drill Features Employee In Zebra Costume

From the Mirror (UK).

Zookeeper dresses as zebra for hilarious animal escape drill at Japanese zoo

Staff at a zoo in Japan have taken part in an animal escape drill – using one of their zookeepers dressed as a zebra.


Around 60 workers chased the unfortunate employee around Tama Zoological Park, in Tokyo, while he wore a panto-style zebra costume.

The hilarious simulation even saw the zookeeper tackled and zapped with a mock stun-gun by fellow workers as he tried to make a break for freedom.

Don't taze me, br---OWWWWWW!

Visitors evacuated the zoo for the drill, which also practiced for the event of a keeper being injured while trying to catch an escaped animal with a giant net.

The drill was based on the hypothetical scenario of an earthquake destroying a stone wall surrounding the animal’s enclosure.

Such instances can occur regularly in Japan, which has a long history of earthquakes and seismic activity.

Got him! Prepare the condoms and lube.

Previous simulations have included lions, gorillas and tigers – presumably involving similarly unlucky zookeepers in costumes.

January Found Porn Roundup

Thanks, Chris, Rich Girl Red, Rachael P., Rachel H., Daisy, Laura, Karen, Kushibo, and Amy.

That's a myth, you know.

"Hey man, I'm not choking!"
"Shhh. I know."

Like an ass tulip, but more filling.

Drive carefully.


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