Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Need To Borrow Ducks

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Need to borrow/rent live ducks (not a joke)

Hosting a house party. Need ducks for party game.

Ducks will be unharmed and I prefer the owner remain with the ducks to ensure proper care and safety to both my and your standards.

Compensation: invitation to party, free drinks for the entire night, or if you prefer small cash fee ($40?)

Details: ducks will be gently secured into passenger seats of model train set. origami hats made of 1, 5 and 10 dollar bills will be placed on each ducks head.

Guests will pay a dollar for an opportunity pick a hat from a ducks head as a prize as the train passes by them. One dollar per attempt (lap around tracks)

Serious inquiries only please.

Meme Of The Day: Overly Attached Girlfriend

Pretty sure I dated her.

Bonus: a fun article from TheFW about who the people in some of these memes really are and what they think of their unexpected fame.

News: Birthday Boy, 44, Battered Father With Cookie Cake

Twat. Next time Dad should cheer him up with a 2 x 4.

From The Smoking Gun.
Birthday Boy, 44, Battered Father With Cookie Cake

FEBRUARY 28--A Louisiana man celebrating his birthday got into an argument with his 77-year-old father and allegedly assaulted his kin with a “cookie cake” purchased by the older man, according to cops.

Investigators allege that Kenneth Fulmer, 44, left his family’s residence Monday evening after arguing with a neighbor. He reportedly went out drinking and returned to the Bossier Parish home intoxicated.

While Fulmer was carousing, his father Jack went out and purchased a birthday cookie cake to "cheer up his son," according to a Bossier Sheriff's Office spokesperson.

However, when Fulmer returned home drunk, he began arguing with his father and subsequently “battered” the elderly man with the cookie cake, according to a sheriff’s report.

Pictured in the above mug shot, Fulmer was arrested for simple battery of the infirmed and disturbing the peace. He remains locked up in lieu of $15,150 bond.

Naughty Women Of The Day (NSFW)

I do love a woman with a sense of humor. Especially a naughty one. Pics with names under them were sent in by LOTD readers.




Queen B.


The Pirate Star

Got any of your own? Send them to me at listoftheday@yahoo.com


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