Thursday, August 29, 2013

Epic Ways To Open A Beer (Of The Day)

I kept waiting for someone with a hook. From First We Feast.

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News: Nebraska Woman Busted For Piercing Victim's Face With Stiletto Heel In Post-Baby Shower Brawl

In her defense, the other woman did say she wanted to try on the shoes. Who has a baby shower at 3 a.m.?

From The Smoking Gun.
Nebraska Woman Busted For Piercing Victim's Face With Six-Inch Stiletto Heel In Post-Baby Shower Brawl

August 19, 2013

Meet Julia Bol.

Wielding a stiletto with a six-inch heel, the 28-year-old Nebraskan allegedly used the shoe to stab a woman in the face, puncturing the victim’s cheek, police allege.

According to the Lincoln Police Department, Bol and Rebeca Boss, 41, got into an argument around 3 AM yesterday after attending a baby shower.

The sidewalk dispute escalated when Bol grabbed one of Boss’s shoes (which she was holding in her hands) and “stabbed her in the face with it.”

Armed with the stiletto, Bol used the shoe to strike Boss in the face with such force that the heel pierced the victim’s cheek.

“The stiletto heel punctured the victim’s cheek and had to be pulled out of her face,” according to a police summary.

After clobbering Boss with the shoe, Bol also allegedly “knocked the victim to the ground and began choking her,” police allege.

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Helpful Chart Of The Day: Gang Signs

Ahhh, okay, now I get it.


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