Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Animated GIF Of The Day: Jesus

See you in Hell!

News: College Campus Pendulum Removed After Too Many Students Stripped Naked And Rode It

I miss college. From TFM.
Giant Pendulum At GVSU Removed After Students Kept Stripping Naked And Going Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” On It

by Roger Dorn

On the campus of Grand Valley State University resides a 500-pound artistic pendulum that etches designs in the sand below it as it swings back and forth, but you know what else it kinda looks like?…a WREEEEEEECKING BALLLLL….I CAME IN LIKE A WREEEEEEECKING BALLLLL!

A GVSU Wrecking Ball Twitter account came to life to help spread the word.
Unfortunately, though, the account also most likely contributed to the early demise of the GVSU Wrecking Ball.

Per our tipster, the “GV Wrecking Ball” was removed by university officials after students kept taking photos and Vining themselves stripping down naked and riding it like Miley:

"After several naked vines imitating Miley Cyrus, Grand Valley State University has taken down the pendulum structure better known as the GV Wrecking Ball – a campus landmark that had been up for years and established a tradition for incoming freshmen (the majority of GV students have ridden the ball at least once)."

(More here, including some of those Vines, which are slightly NSFW)

Unnecessary Censorship Of The Week (Of The Day)

Who loves c**k? She do!

From Jimmy Kimmel Live.

If Tarantino Did Disney: Movie Poster Redesigns Of The Day

Snow White: "What's with all these motherfucking midgets up in here?"

From Design Taxi.

(More here)

News: Buying Everything Hairstylist Recommends Would Cost $8,000

From The Onion.
Buying Everything Hairstylist Recommends Would Cost $8,000

PASADENA, CA—Purchasing every single item hairstylist David Bonadio recommended to her this morning would cost local woman Marya Hayes upwards of $8,000, sources confirmed Tuesday.

“Start with the Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer, plus a good leave-in conditioner to keep your hair hydrated, and after that you’ll want to use a curling iron, the Chi Air ceramic hair dryer, a pomade, and obviously one of these heat-protectant sprays,” said Bonadio, standing before a display shelf at his salon and pointing to products whose combined price would equal more than a fifth of Hayes’ annual salary.

“I’d suggest the tea-tree moisturizer with the applicator, as well as the oléo-relax serum. And if you don’t have a salon-quality oil, well, you’re just destroying your hair. Moroccanoil is best—that’s the first in a five-part treatment. You won’t regret it. Same goes for flexible-hold hair spray, a boar-bristle brush, and the Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder. Those are absolutely essential.”

At press time, Hayes had reportedly exited the salon with the same shampoo she always gets.


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