Friday, February 7, 2014

Sheriff's Call Log Of The Day

A few entries from Brown County, Indiana, population 15,242 (as of 2010 census). Via the Brown Democrat.
Jan. 19, 9:01 a.m.:  Caller talking nonsense.

Jan. 17, 5:48 p.m.:  Man advises good ol’ boys are going to federal penitentiaries.

Jan. 11, 3:27 p.m.:  Woman in 2000 block of Bell Road advises of goats and a pig running loose in her yard.

Jan. 11, 3:18 p.m.:  Woman requests to speak to an officer reference stolen swimsuit from the YMCA.

Jan. 11, 3:01 a.m.:  Female 911 caller in 100 block of West Lake Drive requests to know what time bars close.

Jan. 11, 1:42 a.m.:  Male 911 caller in 100 block of West Lake Drive advises his wife has been arguing all day and is trying to throw him out of the residence. While on the phone, woman got on line and advised the man was making it all up and did not need any assistance.

Jan. 10, 4:19 p.m.:  Male 911 caller requests to know if the bank is open tomorrow. Dispatch advised yes, most banks are open until noon on Saturdays. Caller advised it isn’t fair.

Jan. 10, 10:24 a.m.:  Female 911 caller advises a large brown llama is running down Christiansburg Road toward Orchard Road.

Jan. 2, 9:19 a.m.:  Woman in 300 block of Hoover Road advises she has caught the cat that bit her.

Jan. 1, 4:33 p.m.:  Anonymous woman advises she knows what a particular family is capable of. She has known the family for a long time. She said she didn’t know who she should talk to. Dispatcher asked what the problem was. She said she didn’t have a problem; she would call the state police and hung up on dispatcher.

Jan. 1, 9:41 a.m.:  Anonymous woman advised man on Pumpkin Ridge is making moonshine in the basement of his residence, then hung up.

Dec. 31, 5:08 p.m. :  Man wants dispatch to know that he is volunteering to drive people home that have too much to drink tonight.

Dec. 25, 6:49 a.m.:  Man just calling to wish us all a Merry Christmas.

Dec. 21, 7:40 p.m.:  Female 911 caller in 7000 block of East Bellsville Pike requests officer to come speak to her reference her mother-in-law has locked her out of the refrigerator and she’s 5 months pregnant and she needs to know what she can do and she only has a 911 cell so an officer cannot call her back.

Dec. 18, 10:05 a.m.:  Man at inn reports a man in a four-door maroon short bed Chevy or GMC truck, wording on the side, just approached him and offered to sell him a generator, buy one get four free, approximately 5 minutes ago, last seen on 46 West eastbound.

Dec. 18, 7 a.m.:  Woman in 6700 block of Persimmon Ridge Road requests officer. She advises she has a protective order against her neighbor and sometime last night he put up a gate across the driveway and they cannot get out.

Dec. 15, 4:17 a.m. :  Woman called to let dispatch know that someone is spraying the houses around there with a gas. Caller then hung up the phone. 7:54 a.m. Woman advises she is being sprayed and urinating green from it. Dispatch advised her she needs to contact Johnson County.

Dec. 11, 7:41 p.m.:  Man in 6700 block of Persimmon Ridge Road requests to speak to officer reference violation of a protective order. Man has been shutting off his power all day. 8:12 p.m. County officer spoke to man. He is unsure if the neighbor actually shut the power off or if there was a power outage.

Dec. 7, 8:56 p.m.:  Woman calling from Pennsylvania reference urgent welfare check for her elderly grandmother. 10:42 p.m. Same caller from 8:56 p.m. wants to know when an officer is going to call; says it would be nice if it was sometime tonight. 10:46 p.m. Same caller says this is ridiculous and needs to speak with an officer pronto because this is Brown County and there is not that much going on that she can’t speak to an officer this minute
Dec. 7, 3:59 p.m.:  Bloomington woman requests welfare check on woman in 2200 block of Gatesville Road. Caller advises subject is calling a pledge line and yelling profanities, which is not like her.

Dec. 7, 4:15 a.m.:  Caller wants to know if back roads are in any kind of shape for hunting.

Nov. 29, 5:59 p.m.:  Man asking if woman is in jail.

Nov. 27, 8:18 p.m.:  Man would like to speak with an officer reference noise ordinance. Caller advises his child just received a drum set.

Nov. 26, 5:28 p.m.:  Female 911 caller reports possible intoxicated driver, black Prius with paper tag, 46 West eastbound from T.C. Steele Road, driving excessively slow, keeps crossing left of center, no hazard lights on. 5:33 p.m. Female 911 caller again advising she passed the Prius. There is an Asian woman driving. Looks to be under 20 years old and appears to be scared to death to be driving.

Nov. 26, 12:18 p.m.:  Male 911 caller in 5100 block of Peoga Road reference his brother trying to steal the battery out of his mom’s car, 86 years old with Alzheimer’s. He advised if brother tries to get the battery he will stop him. 


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