Monday, March 3, 2014

Vid Of The Day: Learn The Bloody Difference

Thank you, whoever made this.

Crappy Engagement Photos Of The Day

And people paid money for these. Link from David Ross.

Do me in the alley!

Because rabbits.

I can't camouflage my love for you

Do me on this hillside, nobody will se--OH HAI!


Airin' it out before the honeymoon.

Is this an engagement or a gunfight?

Get used to it, pal

I want to do to these two what John Belushi did to that singer in Animal House

I do...take it in the pooter


I married Adam Sandler.

Neck *SNAP*


Say you'll marry me or I will kill you.

This makes sense.

This makes even more sense.

We so gangsta!

Shitter's full!

If we die, we die together.

Welcome to my butthole.

I don't think the Shocker works on men but you can try.

News: Drunken Mom, 53, Arrested For Battering Daughter, 25, With Dirty Diaper

Both ended up shit-faced. From The Smoking Gun.

Mother, 53, Arrested For Battering Daughter, 25, With Used Diaper

February 27, 2014

A Florida woman was arrested for battery after striking her 25-year-old daughter in the face with a used diaper.

Police report that victim Jessica Caldwell returned Monday to her Bradenton home and discovered “her mother became intoxicated while caring for her 2-year-old daughter.”

A verbal argument allegedly turned physical when Christine O’Keefe, 53, “threw a used diaper at the victim, striking her in the face,” according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report. During the subsequent mother-daughter scuffle, Caldwell struck her mother in the right brow.

O’Keefe, however, was the only one arrested--for misdemeanor battery.

Mashup Of The Day: Jurassic Goldblum

From io9 and Soundcloud.

Soundcloud user FLIPSHOT sampled Jeff Goldblum's ridiculous laugh from the helicopter scene at the beginning of Jurassic Park and turned it into "Hahahrawrrahaha," a 188-second breakbeat tribute to the randy, snarl-like noises that have been known to pour out of Goldblum's mouth.


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