Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anti-Drugs PSA Of The Day: Chicken Club

Yeah, but drugs don't dress up as a chicken and make me pose for strange pictures in my knickers.

News: Alleged Diaper Smugglers Busted In Sweden

Hopefully unused ones.
Alleged Diaper Smugglers Busted In Sweden

Swedish police said a pair of Lithuanian men were caught trying to smuggle more than 25,000 diapers from Norway to eastern Europe's black market.

JAMTLAND, Sweden, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- Perhaps they should have tried the brown -- or light green -- market, instead.

Swedish police said they arrested two men accused of attempting to smuggle more than 25,000 diapers from Norway to eastern Europe.

Investigators said the Lithuanian nationals, whose identities were not released, were stopped by police in Jamtland, and officers soon discovered their van was hauling 25,175 fresh disposable diapers.

Police said the diapers were purchased in Norway, where diapers cost less than $1 apiece, and were likely designed for the black market in eastern Europe, where the products can retail for considerably more money.

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Former Pizza Hut Conversions Of The Day

From a blog called Used To Be A Pizza Hut (thanks for the link, Jim Morley), which reminds me of another page that used to exist called Not Fooling Anybody (see this blog post from the super-early days of LOTD).

Urgent care. And bread sticks.

Just your typical child care/career development center. At least it's not sketchy.

Instead of oil of cloves it smells like oil of olives.

Looks like it's hard to get an appointment there.

Doubling down! Two shitty restaurants where one used to be.

All former delivery cars, I bet.

They added a porch. Tricky. I was totally fooled.

If you call and they say "The agent has stepped out for a minute,"
he's at that pub next door.

Adult Koncepts. Krappy.

I trust my most important financial transactions to a guy
in a gutted Pizza Hut, don't you?

They boarded up the windows so you can shop for hooch in private.

Why do all my clean clothes smell like a Meat Lovers Pizza (TM)?

Funeral home! Awesome. Maybe they use the old pizza ovens for cremation.

I saved the best for last. The Yakima County Morgue in Yakima, WA.

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